Keepers of the Realm

Session 31: New Friends, A long Journey, and A Poke In The Dark!

Finally! Today was the day, not just any day, but the day I didn’t have to hide in a room any longer. King Bronzehammer has assured me that traveling with the Keepers will regain my reputation and I will be able to put these silly events that got me here into the past. I have longed for the smell of fresh air, with freedom and the promise of fighting and great honorable achievements await me! Hearing of the tales of the Keepers has only increased my insatiable need for something thrilling and adventurous! I truly hope these new friends will be welcoming of my skills and fighting prowess, but truly it has been months since I have been in hiding and I sit here waiting for a messenger to be sent from Bronzehammer to meet them.


After what felt like an eternity of waiting, there was a sound of armored footsteps heading towards my room. Time felt like it had slowed down, with the eagerness to leave my hiding I prayed this was the messenger that would send me to where I will be meeting the Keepers. “Thud Thud Thud” the sound of hard hitting knocks shacking the door, and a voice, “Thirin Beardrifter I have been sent by King Bronzhammer with special instructions.” This was music to my ears, and hearing this I rushed over and flung the door open, almost breaking it off its hinges and leaving a sizable hole in the wall where the handle met the stone, “You! Guard! Please tell me this is the greatest of news!” The guard hands me a message with the stamp of the King sealing the parchment. “This is all I have for you today, please read and follow the information” Excitedly and with a great smile “This is the best ever! Thank you shiny messenger!” and with great force slam the door behind me causing dust laying in the rafters to whisk into the air. Quickly I opened the letter near the only window in the room,

Message to Thirin from Bronzehammer:


My friend Thirin,

               Travel to Wyrmwood with the provided guards, and from there you will gather supplies and necessities needed for traveling to the eastern continent. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello my friend, it has been a while since I have seen you.



This is it, this was the message I have longed to hear, I gather my pack and the personal equipment needed to make this journey and throw it on my back. Taking a look around the room before leaving, I take a long breathe in and pass through the door that has kept me separated from the outside world for far too long. Waiting for me is an escort of guards. “Thirin Beardrifter!” the same shiny guard yells to me, “Take seat and we must hurry you to Wyrmwood” I rush over to the cart and sit in the tiny compartment for the travel.



               The Keepers were last seen with Kline in an area known as the Temple of Howling Hatred, messages stopped for a while as they had gone into the temple. Days had passed and more information arrived. Kline had been badly wounded and was being treated by Drak’thal and Traelle. Rinn has fallen into a coma-like state and has yet to awaken from the slumber, and Alatar has sadly passed and is now in his eternal rest.


After the ninth day of rest Rinn awoke from her sleep, Kline is awake as well but where his old wings were there are now strong pristine black feathered wings. Drak’thal and Traelle are confused and amazed that Kline now has these wings and wish to know how he has grown them back. Kline has mentioned that Rinn has the details and she tells them of how this has all happened. They were given to her by the Raven Queen and how Kline is a fallen angel exiled for his father's actions with the Raven Queen. Drak’thal and Traelle are awestruck by this new information presented to them and proceed to ask many questions regarding Kline, Rinn and the Raven Queen. Alatar’s body was sent to Wyrmwood where his body was prepped for burial and his parents given a choice on the location where he should be buried.


After much heavy discussion among the Keepers, Kline has informed them that they will have just around a day to prepare before they must depart and sail back to the Western continent on the Keepers Oath. They will take the griffons back to Wyrmwood to meet with the king who is awaiting their arrival.


After the long travel the keepers arrive back, Kline departs from the group informing them that he has matters to attend to with the king. After much discussion the group decides to visit Gilmore’s Glorious Goods, to relieve themselves of the items they are carrying and to find out about the magical properties of the weapons they have found. After selling and purchasing different goods, Rinn has decided to head back to the keep, Traelle to her shrine to pray for safe journey and Alatar’s death, and Drak’thal to the keep. After spending some time the Keepers decide on improvements need to be made to Glassmoor. They decide on building a barracks and a vault so that they can store there valuables in a much more secure location than in a piano. The Keepers spend the night at Glassmoor for a much needed safe rest and must tend to their journeys wounds before departing once more. Kline stays with Rinn, Adeline stays with Drakthal, and Traelle lays awake for some time.


On the next morning Kline meets with the Keepers and provides them with new information regarding new individuals on their boat waiting for them. Drak’thal says, “Should we trust these new men?” and Kline explains, “One is a friend of Bronzehammer and the other is a kin of a former ally.” Silence greets the group, Drak’Thal questions “What is the meaning of this?” Kline sighs and says, “Bronzehammer has provided some more assistance for your journey and that is all” before he gives Drak’Thal two Keepers of the Realm pins to give to their new comrades. After finishing up breakfast the keepers get ready and travel by horse to meet up with the crew on the Keepers Oath.



Ahhh! The fresh sent of the Ocean and sea water, this is the just magnificent” I think to myself. A small woman has greeted me before entering the ship. “My name is Shava, I will show you to your room then you must get ready and greet the Keepers in the War Room for they are almost here by horse.” She turns away and motions me to follow her onto the Keepers Oath. “This journey will be very long probably around 100 days or more my guess. I hope you have a strong stomach for the sea!” As I look at the ship I am surprised that these adventurers have such a magnificent ship with so many people attending to them, I can’t help but feel these new comrades are very important individuals that deal with more than just the average reward on a sign post. Heading deeper into the ship I find myself already getting lost with all these different rooms. “Throw your wares into this room this is where you will bunk,” Shava points into the rather larger room modified for me and another person. “Hurry I need to bring you to the War Room.” I toss my goods and follow her swiftly. Down some more wooden pathways, I see men and woman tending to the boat and people getting things ready for the departure. Shava opens a pair of larger doors inlaid with pictures and scenes of great fights and the thrill of sailing on the ocean. Once inside the circular room, it looks quiet militaristic with maps hanging from the walls and weapons of all manor hanging about. “Sit and wait here Beardrifter, the Keepers will be here shortly.”


A loud commotion begins to happen on the ship, and after a few minutes the group join me in the room. Immediately a small figure barges into the room and with his beady eyes stares, staring at me then heads off into another room without saying anything. “Ha a tiny man, I have never seen such a shiny face on a small person in my life!” I say out loud to the silent halflling. Drak”thal walks back into the room, “So you will be joining us” speaking to me and another person I didn’t notice in the room with me. “I believe so, that is what Bronzehammer has summoned me for,” the elf also agreeing with what I have told Drak’thal. Then the rest of the Keepers walk in soon right after he is talking to us. Traelle quickly chimes in “what are your names adventurers.” I respond, “I am Thirin Beardrifterand you woman with hair fire red what is your name!” Traelle responds “I am Traelle of Dawnfoot!”that is amazing next, short one with the shiniest of faces what is your name!” Thirin pointing to Drak’thal “I am Drak’thal and I am your captain and you are both part of our crew and now part of the family and must prove yourself to us” Drak’thal hands us a pin symbolizing we are part of the Keepers now. I slam the emblem into my bear totem. I point to Rinn, “Next! One with the hood what is your name?” She removes her hood and replies, “My name is Rinn.” “Ahhhh yes I know much of you and the King has told me much!” I point to the elf, “And you, the other thin one what is your name!” “I am Elurin from the great Oak Tree, but I lived there for many years before moving in with Alatar's family.” After the greeting the new Keepers settle in for the long journey ahead of them at sea.


Over the next one hundred and eleven days, the newcomers get to know the Keepers and the crew as they sail west. After the long journey the Keepers take some time to get their bearings back on land, but not long after Shava gives them their information do they head to the keep in search of the disturbances that are originating from there.


We make it down to the cave entrance that Shava has lead us to, we split the party into two groups take the river for a day to meet at the entrance of the stronghold. When we land there is a door that we must enter, around the door is writing that is hard to understand, but seems written in a Dwarvin dialect. Shava opens the door to the stronghold and mentions that if we need anything, she will be watching and waiting for us at the entrance. We begin our decent into the dark and murky stronghold. After a short while we emerge at an underground lake with many buildings that have crumbling stone on the sides of them. Bronze sconces are scattered around the cave-like area and burn with fresh flames giving little direction for us to follow.


We land to the shore closest to us and head into the first room hoping nothing is waiting for us on the other side. Rinn leads the group and enters the first enclave, when entering the area there appears to be slow moving, human-like creatures that have a chain with a rock attached to their legs. They immediately see Rinn and move toward her getting ready to attack. The first creature misses her and the second one seemingly hits Elurin knocking him unconscious and dragging him into the water in front of us. I notice this and defeat the foe in front of me and rush to save the elf. I swim down through the darkness and grab a hold of the elf to bring him back to the surface. After emerging and tossing the elf to the shore, I see the other party members have defeated most of the remaining creatures.


Once we have downed our remaining foes, we decide to move back into the boat and try and see if we can enter at another point. The stronghold has a very eerie  feeling, the water remains calm except for the paddling of our boat. Venturing forward we see a shore where we can land, but along the way we notice that the water begins to turn a little and out of nowhere a huge tentacle begin to attack us. I begin using my javelin to poke into the water, and the rest of the group does the same. Elurin greatly weakens the beast by shooting arrows, before jumping into the water to shoot another arrow and drop the beast. Elurin emerges from the water and we drag him back into the boat, narrowly missing an attack by a gigantic shark. Again we begin to attack the aggressive beast and after some fighting we kill the shark. The water is extremely dangerous and filled with strange beasts, so being more diligent and quiet should hopefully reduce drawing any attention in the future.


We begin to move towards the shore, it is still quiet and we slowly land our boat again. Quietly moving up the shore, we are surprised by a group of ugly sea creature humanoids, with huge fish-like swords and seaweed dangling from their bodies. They quickly surround us splitting us apart from each other. I’m close to Traelle, and begin to attack the foes closest to us. The creatures attack with great vigor and cascade ice around our bodies, slowing down our attacks. After taking down several of the foes we notice one seems to be their group leader and attack him, he is a worthy opponent doing heavy damage to the party, but like the others is downed and left along the shore line with the other creatures bodies. We search them to see if we can find any valuable loot or perhaps a map of the area, but we only find some gold. The recent fights have made us tired and we take a short rest before moving on with the stronghold..


Ventrue_ Ventrue_

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