Keepers of the Realm

Captains Log
The Keeper’s Oath

Day: 565 


Praying to my god Talos I was unable to receive indication of his presence. I even sacrificed my own chair for him. This is unbelieveable. I am the chosen one. WHY DOES HE NOT RESPOND.



Day: 570


The crew is not working hard enough. All they do is complain. Do they not realize who they work for!? Their lives are insignificant compared to my own. They require my presence so they do not slack off and drown this entire ship with their negligence. While at watch I hear faint sounds of battle below my feet later into the night. All they do is fuck around. They do not deserve to serve under me. 


“Keepers of the Realm” HA. The name is such a joke. The ‘Keepers’ will save nothing. Half of these ‘Keepers’ have already died and the rest will go with them. They throw themselves at death. I do everything for them. No longer will I be part of this group of failures. 



Day: 571


While standing at watch today there is talk of a glorious battle last night between Krunak and Thirin. This must have been what I had heard the night before. Krunak ultimately won the battle as I thought he would. I have seen Thirin fight and he is nothing more than a large soft bear. His swings are nothing to be afraid of. Krunak even gave a sacrifice of destruction to our god Talos in the final blow. He broke a chair upon his head. 


Earlier today I found Rinn and Elurin lounging around in their rooms mid day doing nothing. I put them to work immediately. However useless it may have been. They are only pawns to be played with.



Day 610


Nothing of note has happened since I last wrote. Crew is still negligent. Though the Keepers and Krunak seem to be acting suspicious today specifically. They are starting to really get on my nerves. Perhaps by the end of this trip someone will walk the plank.  



Day 611


Drak’Thal could be tolerated no longer. His actions these past 45 days has made him unfit to be captain any longer. Last night Krunak threw him into the brig to keep him from wreaking any havoc on any of us. These logs show that this was the right choice. He cannot be trusted and will be given no more chances while I am captain of this ship. He will face the wrath of Kline when we arrive in Wyrmwood. This will be the final log before we arrive in the city due to the circumstances. 

                                                                                                            - Shava



Arrival at Wyrmwood


Day 670 the Keepers arrive at Wyrmwood harbor and dock. Kline and Adeline wait at the docks for the Oath to dock. Shava retrieves Drak’Thal from the brig and carries him, with a dagger to his throat, through the city. The Keepers explain the situation to Kline and he rushes after Shava but he is too late. The refugees from Daggerford have already congregated around them and chant his name. Kline snaches up Drak’Thal and rushes to the keep to meet with the king. King Bronzehammer comes out in his night gown and cap to find The Keepers, Drak’Thal, and Kline in the throne room. Traelle explains what had happened on the ship and within the Temple and they release Drak’Thal. He looks somber and apologizes to everyone with nothing more to say. The king asks him to go out to calm the crowd that has congregated outside the keep. He walks out in his armor, which Thirin had retrieved for him from the ship, to speak to his people. 


A man walks forwards and gets on his hands and knees. Drak’Thal stands atop his back, looks down upon the refugees, and speaks with a booming voice. “I am your prophet. The prophet of Talos.” A storm brews above the Keep as he preaches to the refugees. “I will get you what you deserve. A shrine in this city.” Thunder and lightning crash throughout the skies above. He reassures that he will carve a place within this city for them and they should return to their homes with confidence. Drak walks back into the keep to meet again with the King. Kline demands that he stay the night so that they can watch his actions and he agrees. The rest of the Keepers return to Glassmore


Glassmore has grown since they have left. Vinyards span the outside of the walls of the mannor and a barracks sits in the distance. A vault is built on the second floor with a mound of gold inside. Tyranath introduces the new barracks captain, Chelaska!


Drak’Thal sound asleep is woken up early by the kick of Kline so that he may meet with someone. Evan enters the room to speak with him about becoming the shepherd for the refugees from Daggerford. Drak’Thal questions whether or not he can live up to the task and sends him off leaving the question unanswered for the time being. 

Evan meets with the Keepers to tell them of Drak’Thal’s actions that morning in the Whistling Pig. As Earth, Wind, and Shire play Blue Monday in the background Evan informs them that Drak’Thal is not acting himself once again. He then questions them of the recent events from the point they had started to notice of his change in character. Ultimately they conclude that the spear, Windvane, could be a potential explanation. They finish their breakfast and head to the Keep to meet with Kline.


Drak’Thal attempts to leave but Kline does not let him go. This enrages Drak and he attacks Kline. He extends his wing out to the side and in an instant the light is sucked out of the room. Kline appears behind Drak smashing his sword onto his head. A burst of lightning flows from Drak swirling outwards. Flashes of an angel, wings outstretched, towering above a small halfling at the ready appear with each strike of the lightning. Kline strikes down the halfling and the lightning fades to leave the room dark once again. Reaching into his pocket Kline takes out a vial and shoves it into Drak’Thal’s throat bringing him back from the brink of death. With the necrotic slice of death he slices Drak’Thal down. Once again he places a potion into his throat bringing him back just to strike him down once more. One last time he brings him back to life and shackles him with magic. Raising his sword he thrusts it into Drak’Thals chest and turns around to take his seat at his desk. Traelle, Rinn, Thirin, and Elurin walk into his office to see a near death halfling and Kline sitting at his desk. They explain that his spear may be what has caused him to become aggressive and mercurial. Kline tells them to head to Gilmore’s to have him check it out.


Arriving at Gilmore’s they ask him to inspect the weapon and then sell some of the loot that was acquired within the last temples. Gilmore returns and explains that this is a cursed item and should never be used. Also that it is a very nice Elven artifact. Returning to Kline he sends them off to speak with Sven and Meagen at the ship about a request they have. 


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