Alatar (Deceased)

Moon Elf Ranger




Alatar is a former officer in Kelvalur army who commanded a group of scouts and rangers in the Underdark for close to 70 years. Originally from a Teu-tel-quessir (Moon Elf) commune near Kelvalur’s border with Wyrmwood, he was raised by a Daeron, a priest of Corellon Larethian, and Eilinel, a priestess of Sehanine Moonbow. As a child, he loved the songs and stories of fabled elven adventurers who sought out relics of his people’s past. Much to the dismay of his pacifistic family and friends, his longing for similar adventures led him to join the Kelvalur army which quickly sent him to the Underdark.

While there he witnessed unspeakable horrors committed by followers of Lolth and her kin. Gradually he began to indulge in such horrors himself, including slaughtering entire families of Drow and Duergar. Eventually, he left the military under questionable circumstances. He suspects that the Kelvalur army hunts him to this day and will go to extreme lengths to avoid capture by its soldiers. After leaving the military, his family sheltered him for several years even hiding him when visited by officials of Kelvalur. After a particularly close call, he, fearing for his family’s safety, slipped away in the middle of the night without informing anyone of his plans. He took only his bow, some arrows, and his last Commander’s journal.

From there, he traveled to the city of Wyrmwood from whence he hoped to secure passage on a ship going close to the Spine of the World where he could die as one of the brave adventurers he had heard so much about. Unable to procure enough coin to pay a ship to travel to such a dangerous place, he stayed in the slums where he survived by begging and hunting rats. On one night when he was particularly missing the music of his people, he entered an elf tavern to hear a famed half-elf bard. While there, he was spotted by Nienor, an elf ranger whom he had trained with in the Underdark and was now serving as a guard for a delegation to the city. As he snuck out of the tavern, she followed him before confronting him in an alley. Not wishing to be turned over to the army, he tried to kill her but, drunk, he was quickly overpowered, bound, and gagged. Instead of taking him to the army, however, Nienor took him to the Harpers who were in need of a skilled archer for an upcoming assassination attempt on a power-hungry wizard. He expected the organization to offer him a choice of aiding the effort or being turned over to Kelvalur but they did not even mention his history. Surprised at this kindness, he agreed to help and, after successfully completing the mission with a few more seasoned agents, joined the organization. As his first official task as a Harpers’ Agent, his commander assigned him to the Keepers of the Realm.

Died horrifically after trying to pick up a cloaker in the Temple of the Howling Hatred. Was kind of relieved to be dead.

Alatar (Deceased)

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