Captain Havarr of Nenlast

Captain of The Gauntlet's Fiend




Captain Havarr of Nenlast, a tall human with silver hair, a long, hard face, and a red mustache. As a Knight Captain of the Order of the Gauntlet as well as the captain of The Gauntlet’s Fiend, Havarr is responsible for securing Daggerford’s Northern frontier and its eastern shoreline against invasion.

Having a storied past with the notorious pirate Drak’Thal, the Captain has spared the dwarf’s life on more than one occasion. Since their last encounter however, it seems as though they have buried their feud for the sake of a larger goal that threatens the world itself. Will they be able to put the past behind them for good? Or will the transgressions of both men be the end of them?

Captain Havarr of Nenlast

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