Drak'Thal (Now in Adorable Deceased Halfling flavor)




Drak’Thal is reluctantly a keeper of the realm. He is a disciple of the god Talos. A god of destruction and storms which immediately makes people weary of him. This is why he is reluctant to divulge this information to just anyone. He will never turn down a drink and would do anything for someone whom he calls his family or ‘crew’.He wears an eye patch over his right eye, blue and white robes and wields a Warhammer with a shield. The Halfling stands just over two feet tall and has a curiously large bulge in his pants.

Drak’Thal was a hill dwarf from the western continent. He was a warrior in the Blood Beard clan. A clan who believed that they would unite all of the dwarven clans of the hills. He had a wife and a child whom he loved the most over anything else within this world. His clan went to war with not only the army being defeated but inciting a raid onto their own home while they were in battle in attempt to stop the Blood Beard clan from continuing their unification. The main clan whom opposed the Blood Beards left their mark, a banner, in the center of the town after the raid. The army immediately set out to get revenge but were met with a force that was unstoppable. They were chased out of the hills towards the western shores. Only a small group was what remained, Drak’Thal included, and they knew they had to flee from the region to avoid death. They turned to thievery in the western port town to stay alive and eventually came up with a plan to steel a ship. It succeeded and they were left to learn the ways of the seas. The banner that was left in the town was torn apart and given to each member of what was left of the clan to remember what they had vowed to do. To one day return to the western hills and avenge our family.

Drak’Thal built a new family on the sea and plundered the seas to survive, worshiped Talos to gain power and spread his word as far as they could. Daggerford would be the town that they all called ‘home’ though their real home was the sea. The crew would meet an unfortunate end. All but Drak’Thal are lost or dead. This lifestyle eventually would catch up to them. The Order of the Gauntlet gave Drak a choice. His life or his service. Even though he may become a lackey for the time being Drak’Thal swallowed his pride and joined the Order. He would use them to gain the followers he needed to get revenge for his family. Shortly after joining he was sent off to the King to join a group who would be called the Keepers of the Realm.

During his adventures with the Keepers he has latched onto the paladin in attempt to convert her to his own god and forsake her own. This would prove a daunting task and he would eventually give up on her. His acts also seem a little unorthodox for an Order member. He acts on his own will and almost seems to do anything he can to display the powers that he wields no matter the collateral damage. Despite this he seems to support his group under any situation. He does all he can to keep them alive. They are his family. They are his crew. He will do anything for them. Even let go of his past. He burnt his part of the cloth banner of the clan in the western hills.

In an unfortunate accident Drak’Thal had lost his life in the southern continent. However, he previously had attained a necklace of power which he was unsure of what it did. The talisman covered his body with energy at the time of death and returned his soul. Drak’Thal rose again but with a new body the body of an adorable Halfling.

Though the Keepers fought valiantly in the Temple of the Fire Cult, they eventually met their demise at the hands of a pair of fire elementals.

Drak'Thal (Now in Adorable Deceased Halfling flavor)

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