Drak'Thal (Now in Halfling flavor)




Drak’Thal is reluctantly a keeper of the realm. He is a disciple of the god Talos. A god of destruction and storms which immediately makes people weary of him. This is why he is reluctant to divulge this information to just anyone. He wears an eye patch over his right eye, blue and white robes and wields a Warhammer with a shield. Drak’Thal is a hill dwarf from the western continent, however, he claims to hail from the eastern sea where he was a pirate under his own flag. How did he get to his current position, then, of a member of the Order of the Gauntlet? He does not seem like the model member who could uphold their tenants.

During his adventures with the Keepers he has latched onto the paladin in attempt to convert her to his own god and forsake her own. His acts also seem a little unorthodox for an Order member. He acts on his own will and almost seems to do anything he can to display the powers that he wields no matter the collateral damage. Despite this he seems to support his group under any situation. He does all he can to keep them alive. Why? Whats in it for him?

Not only that but his accent seems…… Off. He frequently changes the way he speaks as though it is not his normal way of speech.

Drak'Thal (Now in Halfling flavor)

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