Elurin (Deceased)

Swift and Deadly Ranger




Elurin was raised in the north of the Kingdom of Kelvular as the third child of a female hunter and a male druid devoted to Rillifant Rallathil. When he was 50, his mother, older brother, and sister died during an attack on the great oak tree by a red dragon. When the dragon attacked and his wife and eldest children distracted the beast, Elurin’s father took him to the town of Doriath where his brother and sister-in law were the priest and priestess, not of Rallathil but of the more traditional moon elf gods of Corellon and Sehanine. Soon after arriving in the commune of Doriath, Elurin’s father left the town for good. Hunters in the village tracked him in the direction of the family’s village but when they arrived, they found only charred buildings. Elurin’s father never returned for his surviving son but his status remains unknown.

With his father absent, Elurin was raised by his uncle Daeron and aunt Eilinel but he never forgot his upbringing in the forests of Rillifant Rallathil. Elurin loved growing up Doriath. He enjoyed casting practical joke illusions on his friends and family but also learned a respect for equality and sharing that is necessary in a commune but less prevalent in large cities. Though about 80 years younger, Elurin knew his cousin Alatar from the soldier’s visits to the commune. They would compete in archery competitions (Alatar would always win) and by night Alatar would teach him the language of the underdark in hopes that his cousin would join him in the knights of Kelvular. As he grew older, Elurin came to see how much his cousin’s position hurt Daeron and Eilinel and grew to resent Alatar for his selfishness and determination to harm the ones he loved. This only increased when Alatar fled the military to Doriath and put his entire village in danger. When Alatar left, Elurin comforted Daeron and Eilinel and accompanied them to Kelvular to petition for a pardon. Though they were granted an audience by Baltoris, it was just an excuse for the High Elder to berate Elurin’s aunt and uncle for their continued opposition to the politics of Kelvular. The entire experience left Elurin deeply skeptical of the Kingdom’s ruling council.

Several years after reaching adulthood, Elurin left Doriath and ventured into the wild in search of the dragon that had killed much of his family. He spent several years living off the land and fighting the creatures he encountered, including orcs and various types of dragons. He once managed to take down a young dragon on his own which made him somewhat overconfident. Eventually he came across the lair of a colossal red dragon, the one he believed that had attacked his oak tree home 60 years before. He stupidly entered its lair alone and spoke to the dragon from the shadows. He confirmed that it was indeed the one that had attacked his village and in a rage, unleashed a flurry of arrows. By the grace of the Seldarine, he managed to escape the confrontation with the aid of a traveling band of druids who took him to their village and let him recuperate. The druids, it turned out, had once lived in his village; they told him many tales of his parents and siblings. As he prepared to leave, they gave him a elaborate scabbard that apparently had once sheathed his mother’s blade. After the Dragon’s attack, only the scabbard remained in the village and the surviving druids took it as a memento of the friends they had lost. While there, he vowed to return to the dragon’s lair with allies and kill the beast.

He returned to Doriath and began to make preparations to return to the lair. Unable to convince enough of the town’s warriors to join him in the hunt, he resolved to leave the Kingdom in search of allies who might be willing to fight a dragon if only for the treasure in its horde. While Elurin was in Doriath, his uncle and aunt received word that their son had been killed in the service of the Keepers of the Realm. He agreed to go with them to Wyrmwood to retrieve his cousin’s body. They traveled to the City of Kelvular and entered the portal before arriving in the Lyceum. From there, they visited Nienor and the Harpers. Intrigued by the organization’s mission and hoping that it might help him find powerful allies, he joined.

Since joining the Keepers of the Realm, Elurin has killed numerous enemies and successfully made the goliath and former gladiator Thirin his bitch, though he sometimes feels guilty about taking advantage of such an intellectually inferior race. Together, the two of them have broken two beds and, hopefully, several hearts.

Though the Keepers fought valiantly in the Temple of the Fire Cult, they eventually met their demise at the hands of a pair of fire elementals.

Elurin (Deceased)

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