Grandmaster of Flowers, Kane

The Grandmaster of Flowers at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose




Grandmaster of Flowers is the title given to the senior monk at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose in the Earthspur Mountains of southern Damara.

Kane was a male human monk of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose in the Earthspur Mountains south of Damara in the Bloodstone Lands. He was a high-ranking member of the Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred, following Ilmater the Broken God and St. Sollars. He rose to fame during the Bloodstone Wars of 1357 DR, being among the heroes who inspired a folk uprising against marauders. He slew with his bare hands the current Grandfather of Assassins and later delivered the blow that once-and-for-all destroyed Zhengyi, the Witch-King who had long menaced the land. He eventually became the Grand Master of Flowers of the Order of the Yellow Rose. He was reckoned by some to be “the most dangerous man in all of the Bloodstone Lands”.

Kane was wiry and very thin of build but still well-muscled. He dressed in simple rags and wore no jewelry other than a pair of magical rings he later acquired. His belt was but a length of rough rope, his sandals were worn and thin, and he oft-leaned on his sturdy walking stick. His appearance was just as befitted an ascetic. No one who saw him and did not know who he was could even guess at his true power and reputation.

Around 1357 DR, Kane appeared to be only around 40 years old, though he was actually closer to 60—such was his good health. Even around 1368 DR, he still only seemed just past middle-aged, though he had hair and beard now fraying.

By 1484 DR, however, Kane had transcended the restraints of the human body.

Grandmaster of Flowers, Kane

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