Irabeth Tarnlar

Lords' Alliance merchant providing specialty goods




Irabeth Tarnlar is a snob by the standards of Red Larch. She puts on airs of gentility, haughtily explaining to customers that “This is how aristocrats wear their boots in Wyrmwood,” or “Hats such as this are all the
rage in Kelvular,” even though she has never been to those places. She refuses to speculate about local events, saying, “Tarnlars do not deal in gossip!” However, Irabeth puts aside his pretentiousness and unwillingness to share information for any member of the Lords’ Alliance. She directs most inquiries to her wife Maegla.

Maegla (female Tethyrian human commoner) is the true talent in the family. She is a sharp businesswoman who has an eye for good merchandise. She is also the mother of four bold and adventurous children. She also helps those who serve the interests of the Lords’ Alliance.

Irabeth Tarnlar

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