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Dragon Knight of Bahamut




Not much is known about the Dragon Knight. However, Traelle, Drak’thal, and Alatar met the man by happenstance when trapped in the catacombs of Summit Hall. It was here that Traelle found several tomes related to her order, and subsequently destroyed the phylactery of the Lich Renwick, Jarill’s great grandfather. By luck, Jarill had seen Drak’thal’s warhorse while patrolling with his dragon above the Ruins of Summit Hall, and in the process was able to save the trio of adventurers from certain demise. His timely presence prevented a weekly miasma that brought death to the bugs and pests that fed on the bodies of those who rest beneath summit hall, opening the gate which trapped the Keepers from what would have been their tomb. Will they ever meet again? That is for fate to decide.

Jarill Stormbanner

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