King Gadrin Bronzehammer

King of Wyrmwood, General of the Military of Kieria




In the Lyceum of Wyrmwood there are several books dedicated to King Bronzehammer…

Gadrin Bronzehammer was the eighth and tenth king of Mithral Hall (The heart of Wyrmwood and what the Dwarves had originally called it).

“Ye do what ye ‘ave to do!”

— Gadrin’s Motto

Gadrin had wild red hair and beard before the loss of his wife which the stress caused the color to fade. He had a large, hawk-like, pointy nose that had been broken several times. His eyes were grayish blue and he stood four-and-a-half-feet tall. He lost his right eye in battle and gained a great scar running from his forehead to his jaw. However, his eye was later restored.

Gadrin was gruff and stubborn, but he showed a tender side for his daughter, Catti-brie, and even Wulfgar at times. He was somewhat suspicious of magic. He was willing to put aside his prejudices for other races when needed, which helped him gain the friendship of Kline. He was a strong leader and equally strong fighter. His legacy of leadership still persisted decades after he took back the throne.

After his Queen’s death, he struggled with his belief in his god and with the unfairness of the world in general, but he eventually gained a goal for his life Although he had initially agreed to help Kline, for several years he had given up on that plan, until he met his cursed friend Dragor, who reminded him of the importance of loyalty to his friends.

When Gadrin was just a boy, his people were run out of Mithral Hall by the shadow dragon Shimmergloom and his duergar minions.

Gadrin’s clan took up residence near Wyrmwood under Kelvin’s Cairn, close to the Ten-Towns. Clan Bronzehammer supplied the towns with well-made dwarven weapons and armor. When Gadrin came of age, he took his rightful place as leader of the clan. Gadrin oversaw most of the construction of the place.

For all of his adult life, Gadrin dreamed of returning to Mithral Hall to reclaim his homeland. After the battle with the wizard Akar Kessel and the artifact Crenshinibon, Gadrin tricked his friend Kline into helping in the search for Mithral Hall by pretending to be dying after sustaining injuries during the battle.

After many challenges on the way to Mithral Hall, including the crossing of the Trollmoors, after being refused entry by guards in Nesmé, Kline’s heritage often striking fear into the common folk of the north, the arrival of the Companions of the Hall was a short lived joyous occasion, After a battle with Artemis and his cronies in the entry levels of Mithral Hall, Kline and Artemis were separated from the others by a ancient dwarven trap. Icingdeath, Kline’s Scimitar (Not the wolf blade), was left behind in the Chamber with Gadrin, he took it with him and stayed with Catti-brie, Regis, and Wulfgar on the upper levels as the brokenhearted band searched for their way out, thinking that Kline was dead.

When the Companions of the Hall did battle with Shimmergloom, the Shadow Dragon whom had captured Mithral Hall from Clan Bronzehammer. The Companions of the Hall thought Gadrin was dead when they saw him ride the shadow dragon whom Gadrin had set on fire, riding it all the way to the death of the dragon. In the meantime Artemis Entreri had taken Regis at dagger point to return him to Calimport. The apparent death of Gadrin and the capture of Regis had disheartened the companions, and they chose to leave the Halls of Mithral Hall, having a running battle with the Duergar that had served Shimmergloom. Kline and Wulfgar vowed to retrieve Regis, after getting Catti-brie to safety. Gadrin in the meantime had climbed from the corpse of Shimmergloom, the only thing that kept him alive was Icingdeath, that Kline had lost in the battle with Artemis Entreri.

Over the next few weeks, Gadrin worked his way up from the lowest points of Mithral Hall, covering his beard and hair in ash to disguise its color from the duergar that now resided in Mithral Hall, and killing any who found him out. Eventually, he had to escape by climbing up a chimney shaft — during which he was attacked by a giant spider. Though he was bitten, Gadrin managed to kill the spider and find his way up to a vent to the outside. Finally overcome by the poison, Gadrin lost consciousness.

He awoke to discover himself in the care of Mylaela Baltoris, ruler of Kelvular. The lady had divined Gadrin’s predicament and moved in to help. With her aid-—and that of the Harpells of Longsaddle-—Gadrin was able to give chase to Kline and Wulfgar, who were, in turn, pursuing Entreri. Covering the hundreds of miles in a flaming chariot provided by Alustriel, Gadrin and Catti-brie arrived in time to aid Kline and Wulfgar in a battle with pirates on Captain Deudermont’s ship, Sea Sprite.

Afterward, the reunited Companions went to Calimshan, disembarking at the coastal city of Memnon, and traveling across the Calim Desert, to Calimport, where they tangled with Artemis Entreri in the underworld of the assassin’s home turf, along with the criminal underbelly of the thieves guild of Pasha Pook, Regis’s previous employer. After being banished to the Plane of Tarterus through the Taros Hoop, a magical artifact held by Pasha Pook, Gadrin thought he had lost his beloved daughter, and after escaping the plane, went enraged and began fighting like a dwarf possessed. After Kline and the very much alive Catti-brie returned to the Prime Material Plane, they rescued Regis and caused the downfall of one of the most dominant thieves guilds in the city.

After leaving Regis in Calimport as the new guildmaster of the Thieves’ Guild, They went back to their home in the north, and spent the winter gathering up forces to take back Mithral Hall — Gadrin’s long-held dream. Gadrin and his armies drove out the duergar, and Gadrin was set up as King of Mithral Hall (Wyrmwood), with a few thousand settlers from other dwarven kingdoms, such as Citadel Felbarr, swearing their allegiance to him.

The death of his adoptive son sent Gadrin into a profound depression. When Kline left to go to settle accounts with his people, Catti-brie saw Gadrin as being too engrossed in his own grief to be a useful companion when she chased Kline. She was not however unaided in the ever so dark tunnels of the lower Underdark (Where a portal to his plane once existed), and met with Mylaela Baltoris who provided her with a magical circlet that lit the darkest areas with magical star/moonlight. When she and Kline came back, weeks later, their news of a planned war on Mithral Hall forced Gadrin out of his depression.

Gadrin’s time outside Wyrmwood was short-lived as Gandalug died a few years after resuming his indenture upon the throne. Gadrin with the escort of battleragers under the command of Dragor (Gadrin’s friend, though Gadrin often displayed much disdain for his most outrageous battlerager) turned to Mithral Hall. They began the trek back to Mithral Hall, along with Kline, Catti-brie, Regis and Wulfgar, who brought Delly Curtie, Wulfgar’s new partner, and their adopted daughter, Colson. On the journey they came across two survivors of a dwarven caravan out of Mirabar. The caravan had been attacked by a group that were aligned with the horde of orcs that were soon to change the north thereafter. The journey led them to the town of Shallows, which Gadrin sought to defend from a force from Obould’s horde, led by his son Urlgen.

During the battle, Kline was separated from Gadrin and the companions, but mistaking a dwarf who was killed in the collapse of the wizard’s tower in Shallows, he went into a dark rage, his ‘hunter’ persona and went out striking for vengeance against those who had taken Gadrin from him. The reality was though that Gadrin had taken such damage during the battle, that he was only alive due to the continued efforts of the dwarven priests. This continued well into the next book of The Hunter’s Blades trilogy (a history found in Wyrmwood lyceum about the history of Kline and Gadrin) where the remaining dwarves managed to take the injured dwarves back to Mithral Hall, where Gadrin laid on the verge of death until Regis managed to lure him back to consciousness with the enchanted ruby. Gadrin’s reputation increased with his return from Moradin’s halls, he led the dwarves in a nearly suicidal charge to reclaim the river Surbrin from the horde in typical stubborn dwarf fashion.

Gadrin strapped a double-bladed axe and a gold-colored shield with the foaming mug symbol of Clan Bronzehammer to his back. He wore a one-horned helmet but it was lost in the Battle of Shallows.

In Gauntlgrym the dwarf gods enchanted his weapons. His many-notched axe became silver and the foam of the mug on his shield was perfect white silver that made it look almost like real silver. At that time, he could draw out mugs of ale from behind his shield that strengthen the drinker. He carries the items to this day. After he retrieved the items, they were altered again inside Gauntlgrym’s forge as a gift and request from the dwarven gods: the helm was enchanted and had two rubies set above each other in the front, and the axe was enchanted with fire, called flametongue.

Gadrin also received from Wulfgar the horn of summoning that held the embodiment of the battlerager Dragor Pwent. When blown, the horn summoned Pwent, who cried, “Me king!”

King Gadrin Bronzehammer

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