Kline Bladeseeker

Charismatic General to the Keepers of the Realm and perhaps something more...




The leader of the Keepers of the Realm, Kline Bladeseeker, remains a mysterious individual. Clearly a seasoned, hardened warrior, he has been given the task to lead a rag-tag group of adventurers to investigate the changing weather patterns across the lands of Faerun.

Disinterested in working with others, let alone strangers, Kline showed nothing but coldness and discontent toward the members of the Keepers on their first night together. Introductions were quick, and dismissed and the night was left with simple orders and a threat. “You are to do the missions I ask of you, head to Red Larch, and do not screw things up. I will always have eyes on you, and I myself won’t hesitate to place an arrow through anyone here if they choose to become a deserter.”

Through written correspondence, and the eventual success and teamwork of the Keepers, Kline has grown more comfortable in his position. Though he must lead from afar for now, he always manages to send assistance in any way he can.

Following the Events at Feathergale Spire and the letters sent back from the Keepers, Kline investigates the ongoing of the Feathergale Society and discovers treachery among the ranks. Having found an artifact, he takes it to the lyceum in Wyrmwood for further investigation while the Keepers are sent to their next mission across the word.

Upon the return of the Keepers from Rivergard Keep to Wyrmwood, “The Bladeseeker,” as he is now affectionately called by the group, greets them personally. Their exchanges are short, however, from their correspondences, the piqued interests of the Keepers questions his age and race. That evening, he reveals a set of wings, one feathered, the other demonlike and scaled like a dragon wing. Without a word, he simply leaves things to their own imaginations. The night however is cut short when Rinn, one of the members of the Keepers is mysteriously knocked unconscious from having made contact with the orb Kline retrieved.

Believing this was his fault, and full of guilt for having brought the sphere to the Lyceum to begin with, Kline takes to Rinn’s side during her recovery through the night as the rest of the Keepers rest. The night is long, yet he remains vigilant by her side, changing cool cloths that drape across her forehead to reduce any fever, and bandaging the mysterious wound that appears upon the palm of her hand. The night seems ever long, but when Rinn comes to, their exchange is short, but lingering in other ways. Kline has since softened since their first meeting.

The Keepers Tenday retreat in Wyrmwood offered Kline a brief opportunity to draw the group closer, not just to one another, but to him as well. The Bladeseeker spends time with several of the keepers, in some way or another helping them, or answering any questions they may have. Drak’thal and Kline spend an evening drinking together, trying to make sense of the destruction around that threatens the world, engaging with one another on their motives for keeping the world safe. Alatar and Kline discuss family, and the winged man manages to secure safe passage for the former Kelvular Knight’s family to return to Wyrmwood. Finally, he soothes Traelle’s mind and spirit during her time of need, at her lowest point, he hopefully has inspired a new Light for her to shine like a beacon.

Toward the end of the Tenday in Wyrmwood, Kline and the keepers are invited to a celebration among the Elves in the city, at the behest of Alatar and his family. The night proves to be one to remember, not just for himself but for everyone involved, there was joy and laughter, happiness and dancing, food and drink, and by the end of the evening, something more with Rinn. The Keepers needed this distraction, Kline needed this distraction, for what is to come, will be a painful uphill battle against those who bring the threat of destruction to Faerun.

The Wolf…

Though the Keepers fought valiantly in the Temple of the Fire Cult, they eventually met their demise at the hands of a pair of fire elementals. With Rinn dead Kline has become distant and a bit recluse.

Kline Bladeseeker

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