Kristopher Kringle (Santa Claus)

Governor of Westerhold




A rather jolly man when approached in the right direction, Kringle (affectionately called “Santa Claus” by his closest friends and the people of his land) is the beloved governor of Westerhold. He first met Kline nearly 20 years ago and has since become close friends with the man. During the first month of Nightal where Westerhold is the only place in Faerun that receives snow, a fire broke out in one of the factories. Kline had been dispatched to the area with several other knights, and as he arrived, he was informed that Kringle’s wife and only son were trapped inside the building. With courage made of steel, Kline entered the burning building to save them. Several breathtaking moments would pass, and wounds created by the breaking of burning rafters would leave their marks on the Fallen angel, but eventually he did emerge from the building with both of Kringle’s family members in tow. Kringle has been an ally of Kline and Gadrin since. As a favor to Kline, he has opened trade routes with Glassmoor to assist in it’s new, budding economy. Though it seems The Keepers came off on the wrong foot to begin with, the improvements they are making to the lands has indeed impressed the white bearded man.

Kristopher Kringle (Santa Claus)

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