Krunak Gorecleave

First Mate of The Keeper's Oath




Once a slave on another ship, he was freed by a young human rogue named Bertrand “Ventrue” Reynolds. Ventrue became a friend of his, and even thought of as Kin. After several years of sailing with his friend and many adventures later, he found himself retired in Wyrmwood. When Kline approached him, he could not turn down the request from The Wolf, or as the Keepers have become fond of calling him, Bladeseeker. There seems to be a past between the two men, though it is hidden among the rest of the shadows that conceal Kline’s history.

Now, the first mate of The Keeper’s Oath, Krunak is a very skilled and viable sailor. He has lived the life of the sea for nearly his entire life and is capable of running The Keeper’s Oath with a command equal to its captain. He takes pride in his work but is infinitely loyal.

Krunak Gorecleave

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