Lady Ushien Stormbanner (Deceased)

Former leader of the Knights of Samular




Ushien was of Tetheryn descent, a true noble of that land and her dark features showcased her pure line. She was in her 40s at the end of her life. Her voice was rich and deep and with her imposing height, she easily swayed most confrontations to an end without bloodshed. While once a questing knight herself, most of her time before her death was overseeing the training of the new members as well as managing the keep and ensuring her knights are upholding the code to the best of their ability.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner led the Knights of Samular who would ride out of Summit Hall, a fortified monastery in the Dessarin Valley. She was expecting a fallen knight of Samular to be returned to Summit Hall for internment in the crypt. The body of that knight was being transported in the caravan with the Mirabar Delegation. It never arrived. The Keepers spent the night in Summit Hall and spoke with Lady Ushien and her knights but did not stay long. Ushien provided the keepers with the locations of the haunted keeps on the continents.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner was killed while defending Summit Hall from raiders, shortly after the Keepers took a short stay with the paladins. A great loss of an ally, and a greater loss for the Kingdoms.

Lady Ushien Stormbanner (Deceased)

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