Oppie Memessa

Crow's Nest Lookout on the Keepers Oath




Cast aside by society for being a Tiefling, Oppie has found his home and new family among the crew of The Keeper’s Oath. Hired by Kline and Krunak, the Tiefling was one of the 80 crew members who built the ship, and keep it afloat under their new captain, Drak’thal.

Oppie has seen some shit, and thus, one evening, after befriending one of The Keepers, Þórunn they shared the stories of their past, and their journeys to one another. After several sips from the bottle Oppie did have Þórunn confide in him and he in turn imparted some much needed hobo knowledge to the monk who seemed to struggle along her life’s journey. He only hopes he has inspired her to let go of the past, embrace the future, and cherish the people she has come to know as her team.

Oppie Memessa

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