Rinnaeri "Rinn" Caspel

Shadar-kai Rogue




Keen to gamble and spend, and up for mischief for a price, Rinn hails from a realm unfamiliar to many Kierians. She set out from the Shadowfell as a part of a rite of passage, only to be recalled shortly thereafter. Something had gone very wrong at home.

While she may be a sucker for a new pair of boots or a strong drink, Rinn holds her strongest loyalty to the Raven Queen. Being a Zhentarim brings her adventure, but also more than enough trouble. Perhaps in time, this faction belonging will benefit her in more than gold….
Spend it all, death will come for you.

“What do you want to know? Can I play you a hand of cards for a drink first? Let’s make things a bit more interesting.”

Rinn seeks to avenge the murder of her young sister, which she considers a mark against her kin and the Raven Queen. To remind herself of the crime and perhaps find more information about the perpetrator, she carries the broken hilt of the weapon that killed her sister in the Shadowfell. The person is said to have taken a family artifact that Rinn herself is unfamiliar with, as the murder caused her to return from a rite of passage which she needed to complete in order to learn of the artifact.


After experiencing a long vision, she has renewed her devotion to the Raven Queen. By completing the pillars required to seek audience with the goddess, Rinn is getting closer to finding peace with the loss of her sister. It was also revealed that the stolen family artifact was the smoky orb that sent her into this vision. Defeating the evil-doers that seek to sunder the world of Faerun is now the test she must pass to remain in the good graces of the Raven Queen.

Upon their return from the northern continent, the Keepers are welcomed by the Wolf’s sword in the throne room floor. Rinn takes his anger personally and writes Kline in hopes of any reply. Their failure becomes heavier when Bronzehammer takes them all out to see the home that the Bladeseeker had built for them during their time away. Sulking around the city, nightmares and a strange encounter with an old woman push the rogue to an emotional outburst at the bathhouse with her companions.

Days pass before she receives a letter, it seemingly bears good news, but it is cut short by a summoning to the Lyceum. The King shows them a portal open to an Elemental Plane, held open by the diviner they brought back from the North. The landscape beyond the portal had appeared in her dreams. Kline had gone through in search of an orb. Despite being called on for a faction mission, Rinn sends the rest of the Keepers ahead. She chooses to stay behind and wait for Kline’s return, as she continues to be haunted by visions of what may come to pass.

Distrust, loss, and more nightmares come to pass as the Keepers take to the southern continent. When they return to Wyrmwood, they celebrate their success for a short time before departing for a battle against the air cult in the Desarin Valley. After defeating the prophet Aerisi at the Temple of the Howling Hatred, Rinn once again loses consciousness. She wakes to find herself in Red Larch with Kline and the Keepers, days have passed and the snow falls outside her window…. something missing, something returned, and something revealed.

Rinnaeri "Rinn" Caspel

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