Shaun Gilmore




Shaun Gilmore, better known as Gilmore, is a sorcerer merchant. He owns the Gilmore’s Glorious Goods shop in the city of Wyrmwood and was planning to open another shop in Talondrassa. He is the chief sponsor of the Keepers of the Realm now, and provides the group a discount for all of his merchandise in exchange for them advertising his brand in any city they go to.

Gilmore is described as a very handsome man, with long, thick, black hair that he usually ties back into a ponytail. Recently, he has decided to grow out a goatee, which he keeps well-braided. He wears what could describes as “a wizard’s tracksuit”, with gold-trimmed purple robes that open up at the chest, and various golden necklaces and medallions.

Gilmore has a very “Broadway” personality, often using grandiose gestures and manners of speaking, though he is easily flustered. He is shown to be a very able businessman, having told The Keepers that he was in the process of opening another store in Talondrassa. He is also a very adept magic caster, as much of what he creates is out of the ordinary and different from standard enchantments. However, he sometimes tends to use his customers as test subjects for new kinds of enchantments, as seen with the concoction he made to raise Kline.



Sherri is one of Gilmore’s employees and the one he seems to trust the most, as she is usually left in charge of the shop when he is away. Although Sherri is sometimes frustrated with her boss, she is incredibly loyal to him.

Drak’thal and Gilmore enjoy flirting with each other and spending time together. After returning from Bargewright, Gilmore asked Drak’thal out to a meal and a drink, partially to give the rest of the keepers time to shop and haggle, but also just to catch up with his friend.

Gilmore seems to view Drak’thal as a confidant, as he told him about his interest in working with Kline.

Shaun Gilmore

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