Shava Baltana

Helms-woman of The Keeper's Oath




Once the captain of her own ship The Somber Faerie, her ship was commandeered years ago by a rather charismatic and much younger Kline. For reasons unknown to the keepers, this arrangement eventually turned beneficial to both parties, and over time made life long friends between the Drow and the Fallen Angel. Renamed The Maiden’s Revelation the ship made several rounds under Gadrin’s command to regain the lands of Wyrmwood. A naval assault was one crux that secured victory for the Dwarven king. The Maiden’s Revelation was then placed out of commission, stripped, and most of the timber as well as the frame for the hull was refashioned for The Keeper’s Oath. Shava insisted that the Helm of the ship remain as a symbol of both the past, and what the future may hold. She is fiercely loyal to Kline, and seems to have a wandering eye toward Krunak from time to time, though as of yet, their relationship has been strictly professional. Or so it may seem.

Shava Baltana

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