Sildar Bladeseeker

An aging father and decorated hero


Sildar Bladeseeker is a kindhearted human male of nearly sixty years who holds a place of honor in the famous griffon cavalry of the great city of Wyrmwood. Sildar met Aedrig Runerock in Wyrmwood and agreed to accompany him back to Wolfpine. Along the way he was captured by a group of Devilmaw Goblins, who were after Aedrig. He was taken to the Devilmaw Hideout, and kept there until he was rescued by a group of adventurers, who escorted him to Wolfpine.

Once there, Sildar began looking for Iarno Mercer, a fellow member of the Lords’ Alliance, who disappeared while exploring the area around the manor about two months ago, shortly after arriving in Wolfpine. Unknown to Sildar, Iarno created the Ravenbrands, installed himself as their leader, and took an alias to conceal his identity while hassling the town. Sildar was dismayed when he found this out. Shortly after, Sildar worked with the Crimson Crows, aiding them in whatever way he could to bring the mines in the Tide Echo Caves back to order.

As an agent of the Lords’ Alliance, Sildar’s goal is to bring law and order to Wolfpine. Since the events at the Tide Echo Caves, Sildar has fulfilled this goal and is now in charge of the small town’s militia forces. A quiet man, he often goes hours without speaking. Though age has slowed him, he has a great deal of wisdom and patience to deal with young, hot-blooded warriors.

Sildar Bladeseeker

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