Taranath Draconwisp

Estate Manager of Glassmoor




A long time servant to the Bladeseeker family, Taranath came originally to Sildar’s service as a slave. However, The Lion did everything in his power to break those bonds, as well as the bonds of several of Taranath’s kin. Once free from his bonds, Tarnath pledged his service to the Bladeseeker family. Not much is known about his years with Sildar, though at some point, when The Lion and The Wolf reunited, some clash took place, and through either his own will, or a request from Sildar himself, Taranath found himself under the employment of Kline. Though Kline and his father do not directly speak to one another any longer, Taranath has long been a messenger to Sildar, doing his best to keep the aging father informed about the son he lost. Currently, under request from Kline, he has become Glassmoor’s estate manager, reporting directly to The Keepers of the Realm.

Taranath Draconwisp

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