The Dellmon Family

A family from the North, saved by The Keepers




The Dellmon family has lived in this area for several generations and is well known by the other homesteaders in the region. They are a wealthy family, having worked hard to cultivate their land, and they aren’t willing to let a bunch of orcs drive them off.

They’ve heard the stories of the rampaging orc war bands and seen the scouts nearby. When the attacks
began on the smaller homesteads in the vicinity, Kerbin Dellmon sent out word that anyone could stay at their compound for safety. A number of farmers and ranchers took the Dellmons up on their offer.

Every able-bodied person on the premises pitched in to help bolster the defenses. They built a series of low earth ridges and ditches as defensive works running between the various buildings (see the map) and put together makeshift crenellations on the roof lines for missile combatants. They also stockpiled weapons and caches of ammunition.

Kerbin Dellmon, patriarch of the Dellmon family, refused to leave his home despite the fact that his family is in danger and might have been safer retreating. He’s determined to stay and fight, and nothing anyone has said has changed his mind. Kerbin’s daughter Dreena sent a message to the elves of the High Forest, but no one knows if or when they might respond. As far as they know, the ranch’s defenders are on their own. Other Dellmon family members include:

Kerbin’s oldest child, Perd, agrees with his father’s never-give-in mentality. Perd is concerned for the safety of the children and privately wonders if staying was a mistake.

Kerbin’s middle child, Dreena is a budding member of the Emerald Enclave. She was part of the delegation sent to meet the elves, and she sent the distress message to the enclave. The Emerald Enclave doesn’t know, but Dreena also sent a distress message to the elves of the High Forest with an animal messenger spell.

Kerbin’s younger son, Fyndrick, is a hothead and has been agitating to confront the orcs before they lay siege to the ranch.

With the help from the keepers and the High Elves, the Dellmons were able to protect their kin and the nearby villagers from the repeated Ice Shield Orc raids.

The Dellmon Family

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