Thirin Beardrifter (Deceased)

The King's Gladiator




AHHHHH! Hello Adventurers! It is I Thirin Beardrifter! I hail from the far North or what many come to call the savage frontier. I stand tall at a staggering 7ft 7in, with dark slate skin and 380 lbs. of pure goliath muscle. With my brown hair and stunning blue eyes I have a charismatic personality and favor the thrill of the gladiator life style and reputation! I find competition among many different activities, if it be the gladiators arena or a simple game of dice I will never turn down a fair challenge! I seek only trust and honor among family and friends for it is the most rewarding aspect of life, and those who lie and deceive will never be forgotten as so.

Many people know me from the gladiator’s arena, I have made some of the best of friends and the connections I had made through my achievements are known far and wide. As such one of the truly honorable and trustworthy people I know is King Bronzehammer, of Wyrmwood. He saw great potential in my abilities to fight and entertain, but also saw that I was naïve to those who wish to harm me and take advantage of my kindness and good will. The king came to me and made me his personal gladiator saying that he only wants my loyalty and honor so that he may help guide me to making better decision and to keep me out of trouble.

Through my connection with the King I now find myself among the Keepers of the Realm. Bronzehammer has assured me that I will find greater achievements being part of the keepers and that I will find trust and honor thorough their actions and accomplishments.

If you have made it this far then you must know about my name! You might ask, “How did you get the name Thirin Beardrifter?” Well one day while I was on a hunting mission for my tribe, I had grown weary and needed rest. I chose to sleep in a cave near my hunting group, and when I was woken up I had found myself sleeping peacefully among a group of bears! From there on I had received the name Thirin Beardrifter for only those attuned with the mighty bear may lay peacefully among them without harm.

Though the Keepers fought valiantly in the Temple of the Fire Cult, they eventually met their demise at the hands of a pair of fire elementals.

Thirin Beardrifter (Deceased)

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