Thurl Merosska (Deceased)

Lord Commander of the Feathergale Knights




The Commander of the Feathergale Knights is a well-built male human in his late forties, early fifties. Embossed feather patterns ornament the plates of his armor, and his kingly cloak boasts a feathergale mantle. He smooths his brown-white hair into place, then bows low before the group as if they were simply lowly courtiers.

Once a griffon rider of Minnariha, Thurl retired after a storm nearly claimed his life. He has since become obsessed with his near-death experience.

Thrul offered the hospitality of the spire, inviting The Keepers to a feast in honor of the society’s tenth year. Merosska especially showed favor to Traelle for being a member of the Lords’ Alliance.

Thrul mentions that “Great evil lurks among these hills, depraved cultists led by wretched monsters.” He also suggested to The Keepers to seek the monks of the Sacred Stone Monastery.

After an impromptu Manticore Hunt, in which the ranger Alatar and the cleric Drak’Thal defeated the large beast, he gave his ring as a reward and allowed the group to spend the evening in the spire.

The most recent events had Kline Bladeseeker investigating the spire, upon his arrival, Thrul thought it wise to attack the Bladeseeker with a frontal assault, killing several of Wyrmwood’s elite. However, in the process, the spire was taken by Kline and his forces, and Thrul’s head was sent to Drak’thal for his indiscretions and as a gift to the cleric who had been wrongly imprisoned in the spire. Thrul is now deceased. Upon investigating the spire Kline did find a missive and sent it to the keepers along with Thrul’s head.

Thurl Merosska (Deceased)

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