Traelle (Deceased)




Reserved and cold, the paladin Traelle seeks both glory and vengeance in her journey. Following the slaughter of her family, Traelle was brought within the city limits of Wyrmwood to the Shrine of Tyr. It was there that she studied, both in her religion and as a swordsman, and where she swore an Oath of Vengeance. Traelle will stop at nothing to bring her fury to the Turami bandits that destroyed her life in the hamlet Dawnfoot. In her mind, Traelle believes that if she strikes down this evil with any means necessary, she will not only exact her revenge but also gain the blessing of Tyr. To accomplish her goals, young Traelle has enlisted herself in the Lord’s Alliance, believing their glory driven strength will lead her down the righteous path.

During her time as a member of the Keepers of the Realm, the paladin has grown fond of her companions. Their motivations are their own, but each as gained her respect as a trustworthy warrior. Luckily for Traelle, her friends have been there to support her, both by sword, magic, and compassion.

In her return to Wyrmwood, Traelle has very nearly been consumed by darkness, much like the home that once was. Because of these established bonds, and her connection with Tyr, she has begun the path of recovery after the destruction of Dawnfoot. Swearing upon the Ancients, Traelle hopes that her new found Oath will bring her internal peace as she marches to her enemies along with her companions.

With time, the paladin has worked to appreciate the beauty the world has to offer. When aiding her companions, Traelle continues to find herself destroying evil forces and those who would see the world burn. When out of combat, the paladin finds herself sketching: those of the past, family and friends of the future, and things of beauty that the paladin has witnessed. As she continues with her companions, Traelle has begun to open up, to find her place not only as a companion, but as a friend and loved one.

Though the Keepers fought valiantly in the Temple of the Fire Cult, they eventually met their demise at the hands of a pair of fire elementals.

Traelle (Deceased)

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