Keepers of the Realm

Session: 36 The Best Water

-Begin the journey with Traelle not feeling well and not joing us.

-Get super drunk at the bar as we decide what to do before heading out on the journey.

-Decide to stop by Gilmores Glorious goods and then head on our way.

-Travel to the canyon and encounter some beasts along the way.

-Traps are triggered going down the canyon to the temple.

-Come across a group of dwarves who welcome us, then surprise attack us.

-An Oni decides to join the fight and hits super hard.

-After defeating the foes we search the lower temple to see what has happened.

- Find a room of murdered temple dwarves that we were supposed to meet.

-We decide to head to the top half and meet with 3 more dwarves.

-The first two fall very easily, but the stealthed one has done serious damage to Rinn and downs her.

-We end up defeating the last dwarf, and find letters and other goods on his person detailing about another temple.

-Spend a ton of time looking for water again.

-We find the water and head strait back to Meegan.

-We give Meegan the water and thankfully the water I had was not tainted and saves his wife.


Ventrue_ kbsmall88

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