Keepers of the Realm

Session: 36 The Best Water

We begin our new journey to help Meegan, leaving our faction housed and meeting up to go inquire about horses for a quick ride. We find out that Traelle is not feeling well and not joining us again for another glorious adventure. She has been having troubling bowel movements that keep leaving her incapacitated. I believe it is her lack of self enjoyment and pent up sexual frustration that leaves her this way.  Along the way we also decide to head over ot a bar to drink and to find a place to buy horses and possibly stopping at Gilmores to grab some other needed items as well. We head out form the bar and go to see about some horses, we arrive and purchase three regular horses and one war horse because I am unable to fit on a regular one since I am much larger than the other s in the group. After this we head over to Gilmores and purchase the items we need and then follow the map and the directions provided by Meegan. Most of the journey there is uneventful until we hit a low canyon, it is very quiet and very eerie and as we are traveling thorough we are attacked by some beasts. We quickly make work of them and make sure that we haven't lost our path and that we are following the map correctly, since one wrong turn could lead us very far away form where we need to go. We follow the direction perfectly and see that we have come to a narrow cliff and large canyon with the temple in sight at the end of the path. Elurin has decided to take the front instead of Rinn this time and just as we are about half way down the cliff we end up triggering a trap which thankfully doesn't knock anyone off  but wounds Rinn and Elurin that were in the path of the boulders. it was very strange that there were traps along the road but Meegan told us that these temple dwarves don't really like outsiders and that without the note we are carrying are usually turned away from it. As we get closer we notice that there is no one manning the front gates and thats they are wide open revealing a large gathering of dwarves who seem to be well dressed for a certain party or possibly a ritual of some sorts. As we wal in Drakthal immediately yells out to the groups of dwarves informing everyone who was in the courtyard to our presence. They strangely greet us with friendly hellos and to come closer to them, which was also strange since Meegan informed us that theses dwarves at the temple were not friendly to outsiders. Suddenly we are surprised attacked by the group and we begin a long combat, while also one fo the dwarves disappearing during the fight. We quickly make work of these dwarves who seem to not be very strong but rather relatively weak, after almost finishing off the last dwarf  an Oni appears and now we have a great challenging foe in front of us. This thing is monstrous and hits like a truck dealing massive blows to the keepers as they fight to defeat this strange foe in the temple. After defeating the five foes that were attacking us in the courtyard we search the lower temple and the similar rooms to see if we can find any clues as to what has happened to the temple and the original dwarves that were living there. We come across a room that is filled with an uneasy stench of death and slowly open the door and come to find the original dwarves who were living there all murdered and left to rot in the one room. These were definitely the ones we were supposed to meet, they all have the symbols and clothing worn to match exactly what Meegan had told us. We leave the rooms and the death trotted room and decide to head upstairs to see if we can find anyone else that might be there in the temple. We are again surprised by three dwarves up at the top where one fo them is significantly stronger than the other two. The one that is stronger makes quick work of Rinn and downs here almost instantly with a sneak attack. The rest of us rush in after her and begin to attack the dwarves, The lesser ones are taken care of quickly and we finally finish off the leader. We search there bodies for clues or notes or anything as to the reason why the temple was attacked. We end up finding letters and other goods detailing another temple and who might has sent these dwarves to attack. We spend countless time looking for water that we need to gather to bring to Meegan, and after some time we end up finding it near the entrance to the temple. We fill up three satchels of water, one in Drathals bag, one in Elurins and one in my bag just incase we need more water than usual. We decide to not postpone bringing back the water to Meegan and take the shortest route back with our horses. As soon as we get back we head strait over to Meegan  and give him the water for his wife. Thankfully the water that wasn't tainted by alcohol was in my bag and that is what ends up saving her life. Meegan is extremely happy that we were able to save his wifes life and is always happy to follow us on any adventures in the future that we will go on.


Ventrue_ Ventrue_

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