Knights of Samular


The Knights of Samular are an order of paladins in the service of  Tyr who tend to focus on the supremacy of law. They are a well respected order in the Northlands with their base of operations in the Summit Hall while also maintaining a base in Minnarhia.















Formed in 952 DR after the Second Troll War, the Knights of Samular traced its roots to three brothers who became champions of the war, Samular Caradoon, Renwick Caradoon and Amphail the Just. While successfully stopping the siege of trolls through the use of the Rings of Samular and the magical siege engine known as the Kezefbane, Amphail and Renwick were killed around the end of the war. The invading trolls were eventually routed by Samular and his growing group of Tyrran paladins. These knights would eventually come to be known as the Knights of Samular.


After routing the warlord Brunyundar Margaster from the keep, the knights made Thornhold as their chapterhouse. The Knights lost their headquarters to the Zhentarim thanks to the treachery of Dag Zoreth. The keep was then confiscated by Bronwyn Caradoon whom took up residence with her niece. This resulted in a breakdown of relations between the Knights of Samular and the Harpers. Ever since their initial loss of the keep, the Knights of Samular have been based out of Summit Hall.


Knights of Samular

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