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Running along the Sea of Swords from north of Amn to the Sea of Moving Ice, the Sword Coast is a narrow band of territory dominated by the city-states of the area that use the sea for trade. For most who care about such things, the area is delimited by Wyrmwood in the North and Minnarihia in the South. More broadly, the North refers to all the territory north of Amn, split into two general regions: the Western Heartlands and the Savage Frontier. The Western Heartlands encompasses a narrow strip of civilization running from the Sunset Mountains to the Sea of Swords, and northward from the band of territory marked by the Cloud Peaks and the Troll Mountains to the Trade Way. The Savage Frontier is the name given to the rest of the unsettled or sparsely settled territory in the North, not including the major cities and towns and any settlements in their immediate spheres of influence. Most of the communities, nations, and governments of the North can be grouped into five categories: the cities and towns that are members of the Lords’ Alliance, the dwarfholds that have been built throughout the area, the island kingdoms off the coast, the independent realms scattered up and down the coast, and the subterranean environs of the Underdark.


The continent of Kieria lies in the eastern hemisphere of the world. Though governed by a council consisting of four kingdoms, the true seat of power resides in the Southern Kingdom of Talondrassa. A relatively peaceful continent aside from the occasional goblin scares or minor dragon attack, Kieria has been able to avoid the conflicts and warfare that plagues the western and northern continents. With several natural harbors, Kieria finds itself as a center for trade in the world. Rich in fertile lands, several large forests and boasting two large quarries of limestone and gold, Kieria is overflowing with natural resources. 

The Four Kingdoms of Kieria





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Red Larch

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Sacred Stone Monastery

Gilmore's Glorious Goods


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Temple of Howling Hatred

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Organizations can arise from, focus on, and work toward a myriad of different topics. They can exist and work publicly, or they can operate in secret, their very existence becoming mere rumor outside their ranks. Organizations play a vital role in the urban fantasy campaign, from the demonic cult threatening to despoil the city from within, to the adventuring company whose heroic deeds and exploits have become the talk of the town. Belonging to an organization might not carry the prestige that comes with garnering the patronage of a noble house, nor the financial windfall of advancing to the top of a powerful guild, but it can provide a far greater sense of belonging and accomplishment than either of the other two achievements could hope to offer.

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The Pantheon

The Feathergale Society

Knights of Samular


Cults of the Elemental Eye

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Rinn's Vision After Touching The Air Orb


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