Keepers of the Realm

Session 29: Attack on the Air Temple

The Keepers step from the gryffins, and look around at the massive canyon walls that surround them. The group, along with Kline, walk to meet the Talondrossan Knights and the faction representatives. As they approach, the group sees the strewn bodies, clad in blue armor, before the Talondrossan Knights.  With a brief word with the Talondrossan Captain, the group moves forward to look down into the depths of a chasm. Stretching as far as the eye can see, a crude narrow staircase twists madly with hairpin turns, as if daring adventures to attempt its path. After miles of jagged steps, the staircase terminates at a flat outcropping that juts out over the chasm. The Keepers make the journey, taking care with each step to avoid a trip into the darkness below.



As the group reaches the door, Kline pulls an orb from his satchel, setting the orb in a recess. Kline's voice is all but inaudible, and the words he speaks sound strikingly similar to Dwarven. As the whispered chant continues, the orb and the door begin to glow with runes. Kline steps back, looking to the Keepers and back to the door. The stone door begins to creak open, causing a loud rumble and tremor beneath the adventurers feet. As the entryway opens, the group steps inside.


The Keepers peer across a ruined Dwarven city within a glittering cavern, statues littering the city in various states of ruin. A pyramid, surrounded by a moat, sits within the city's center. A rush of water can be heard, as one side of the moat spills over into the chasm below. An agonizing wail rings out, from the city, causing voices throughout the city to join in it's painful cry. Stepping stealthily, the group begins to scout the city, with Rinn leading them into the darkness. Kline stops Rinn, pulling her back to the group. He whispers of how far the group has come, how his faith is with the group, speaking for 10 minutes, to rally the group before entering the depths of the city.


Rinn unlocks the first barrier before the group, guiding her thieves tools smoothly and quickly through the doors lock.  Rinn peaks through the door and sees a well lit corridor, tracing back and forth into the city. Rinn moves forward, looking for enemies and anything out of place. Rinn notices arrow slits through the walls and finds the city entrance at the end of the corridor. As Rinn opens the door, arrows flit over her head and behind her. Unscathed, Rinn looks through the portal and sees that another corridor continues into the city with little to no light. Drak’Thal, Kline, and Alatar all move up to Rinn’s position, wary of pressure plates that may set off another flurry of arrows. Traelle, causing noise as she moves forward, is hit by arrows and pushes through the doorway, through her companions and away from the arrows. Alatar rolls through the doorway, avoiding the arrows, and glares at the paladin as he closes the door behind him.


The Keepers continue to move forward, with Rinn moving towards a door. A stone fountain and shrill music greets Rinn on the other side of the door, along with several feather clad figures with flutes sculpted from bones. The figures look to the open door before returning to their musical instruments. One of the figures calls for a stop, looks to the Keepers, and asks if anyone can play an instrument. Alatar produces and plays his lute, Drak’Thal sings his crews shanty, and Kline takes Rinn’s hand, twirling her into a dance. The man says, “We are the Windwards, in service to the Queen.” He hands the Keepers garb and human bone flutes to match the other figures in the room. The Keepers accept the unsolicited gifts and don the gear. The Windward leader tells the Keepers to go and play for the Queen, pushing the group back to the corridor and shutting the door behind them.  


Rinn leads the group back through the corridor. Rinn scouts the dimly corridor, finding doors lining the walls. As she signals the group from room to room, Rinn signals the Keepers to continue after her. Finally, Rinn opens the door to a room with two massive stone pillars with giant wheels attached to them. Two robed figures oversee five desperate looking humans, each of the five hunched over in their efforts to push the giant wheels. Whips crack as the Keepers enter the room. Rinn says, “we’re here to entertain the Queen, which way do we go?” Immediately on edge, one of the robed figures yells out, “You all wanna be initiates?! Now’s your chance!” The disheveled humans strike out at the Keepers, moving away from the cracking whips. As Alatar fells a commoner, Kline calls out to spare them. As the robed figures are killed, the Keepers question the commoners. Kline hands them large coins, instructing them to hold them up as the exit, and releases them commoners to safety.


The group continues exploring, with Rinn checking doors throughout the corridors. Rinn enters a room that is lined with aged decorations, and finds three bird headed creatures tormenting chained up prisoners. Drak’Thal, Rinn, and Kline take down the enemies as Alatar and Traelle are blocked from entering the room. Kline notices that Rinn suffered a grievous wound in the combat and touches her, relieving her of the injury. Drak’Thal interrogates the shackled prisoners, learning that they are captured citizens of Yartar. Rinn frees the Yartar citizens with her thieves tools and escort them back to a safe corridor.


The Keepers press on, venturing deeper into the underground city. After checking multiple doors, Rinn finds a corridor with a shallow pool of water. As the rogue leads the group through the water, she is spotted is spotted by a genie that busies himself with carving rock from the natural wall. Rinn and the Keepers move forward and greet the genie. The genie shares that he is forced into his labor by the “Queen,” who holds his horn in her possession, and that she may summon the genie should she come under attack. After speaking with the genie, the group continues through the pool.


The group steps to a landing from the pool and make their way through another corridor. The Keepers sneak forward, finding themselves in front of the central pyramid with the sound of water rushing from the moat into the chasm. Kline points to a Draconic figure resting atop the point of the pyramid. The group enters combat, striking out at the rider and his wyvern. The parties trade blows, with the Keepers destroying both the beast and its rider. As the group moves towards double doors that lead into the pyramid, Rinn leads the group through the corridors that surround the large central structure.


As the group moves along the corridor, Traelle gives away her position, alerting new bird headed creatures. The Keepers retaliate, destroying most of the creatures with multiple attacks. As the combat concludes, Kline gives a quizzical look at the group. Alatar uses his charm to heal Rinn as Drak’Thal searches for treasure. The plaza has a statue of a 30’ Dwarven creation god with an outstretched lantern giving light to the area. The Keepers make their way into a ruined room, possibly used as a jeweler shop in the past. As they search the area, the group startles the creature that called the ruins its home. The umberhulk stirs, drawing its legs beneath him and standing to look at the humanoid intruders.


Ventrue_ Ventrue_

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