Keepers of the Realm

Within the darkness that surrounds the shattered rooms ahead a large rumble sounds. A shadow begins to advance towards the Keepers . I can barely see within the darkness ahead as our group runs in towards the monster. As I prepare my warhammer and move in an overwhelming sense of fear comes over me. I must leave here. Nothing matters anymore I must leave. I turn and begin to run away from the beast. Alatar follows close behind me. We come to our senses and realize that we must help our friends. As I approach the beast and the Keepers I notice that Rinn had also fled from the beast. I run towards the doors she had opened and see a hoard of undead attacking her. I unleash the power of Talos in a burst of lightning and they all fall to the floor. The beast behind is slain by Kline. Stone dwarven gods stand above tombs lain about the room. We barricade ourselves in the room and rest for the night.
I open my eyes and see the red haired woman lying across from me. What did I see in her? I think to myself. She's changed so much since we have first met. I almost had her in Dawnfoot. I was so sure she would join me but I guess that’s not what was meant to be. She has become soft since then like she has forgotten of her past. I can’t blame her, though, I have done the same. I get up to see Alatar is already up and ready to go. 
After everyone wakes and has a bit to eat we decide to continue our investigation of the city. Rinn scouts ahead to the next room. She reaches down to the lock on the door and opens it flawlessly. We wait in the darkness outside. I can’t see much farther than the next person in front of me. The waterfall rumbles faintly in the distance. Every so often what sounds like wailing comes from the distance throughout the city. Rinn appears in the doorway calling us inside. “It’s all clear there is nothing here except for that cloak over there.” She points to a cloak in the corner of the room. Alatar walks over the cloak to pick it up and try it on. He throws it over his shoulders and turns to us to show off his new fashion. The cloak wraps around him rises up above his head as a large mouth appears it bites down onto him. What do we do?! I think to myself as I quickly prepare for a battle. We begin to attack the monster, but not without a price. It seems like the cloak is using Alatar as a shield. The cloak continues to latch onto his head as he looks more haggard. I begin to attempt to heal him but the repeated attacks makes him fall. Kline reaches to Alatar healing him bringing him back up and then once again attacking. The monster transfers the damage once again dealing another fatal blow to the Elf. The cloak falls to the floor with Alatar in his grasp. I reach down to his body to see if he is alive. There is no pulse. “EVERYONE We must do this now.” I yell out. Rinn and Traelle surround us. I pull out the diamond from my bag and begin to pray. Rinn pulls out her feather and Traelle, her shield, praying to their gods for aid. I stand on his chest with arms towards the sky. Lightning begins to flow along my arms to my fingertips as I pray to Talos. I hesitate a moment. Is this not what he wanted? He has been longing for death to relieve himself of his sins. I can give that to him…. No not today. I slam down my hands towards his chest pushing the power of Talos into his heart. I step off his body to his side and we wait. And wait. And wait. Nothing. The gods did not answer us. Perhaps this is for the best. We hang our heads down at the loss of our ally. One of our family and crew. However, there is little time for us to grieve we must continue on.
We continue down the hallway deeper into the city. We come to a plaza with a dwarven image above a door. Scattered broken tables are strewn about the hall. Casks behind broken bars in the corners of the room. Seven men and dwarves stand at the ready. I unsheathe my warhammer and we slaughter the enemies. Realizing we have almost scouted the surrounding city we quickly continue on.
One last dark hallway comes to a door. Behind is darkness. A faint image of a worm head sticks out from a hole in the middle of the room. Kline asks for a torch and Traelle hands him one to light. He takes it and from afar throws it down the hole. It falls for what feels like forever. The light is no longer seen in the darkness and then. Thump the sound of wood hitting the floor comes back up the hole. Kline turns to us and says “We will send men back for this later. We must continue on.”
We leave the room and decide to head back to the pyramid since we have cleared the main area around the pyramid of remnants of the cult. We take a pass around the pyramid to scout. As we pass at the back entrance a shimmer of light catches Rinn’s eye within the moat surrounding us. She points this out and we decide to come back when we are not in such a dire situation. We decide to head into the front door. As we walk in we see a marble hall with pillars holding up a 10 ft ceiling. To our left and right are ascending marble staircases. At the center a large open pit catches our attention as howling seems to emanate from it. Seven men dressed in windward clothing meditate at the back of the room. They float 3ft above the ground and don’t seem to notice us. We enter the room casually and continue forwards to the men. Each spotting an opponent and approach. Kline calls me to him and just as he gets to his side Kline grabs the back of my armor and thrusts me through the air towards the windwards. Flying through the air I ready my hammer and bring it down upon one of the men. The others immediately unsheathe their weapons and begin to slaughter the men. Pools of blood and bodies fill the floor and the Keepers turn to quickly head to the upper parts of the pyramid with the queen in their sights. 
Arriving at the pinnacle of the stairs we turn towards the throne. Pillars with tapestry between line the way to the Throne. In the middle of the room the city is delicately etched into the floor. A tall Elven woman stands at the throne with wings sprawled out in display. Another stands near her hooded and praying. I look up to Kline and see his dumbfounded look. He begins to approach the woman and we follow. “I commend you for making it this far. If you leave now there will be no more bloodshed” says the queen. We question her of her intentions she answers “We seek to destroy the black earth cult.” Traelle says that she potentially is leaving information out about her intentions to stop them. Kline stands in awe seemingly not listening to the conversation. He unsheathes his sword and lunges forward toward the queen in an attempt to slice off her wing. His sword falls right through it as though it did not exist. “BLASPHEMY!” He yells as he realizes she is not what she seems. The queen holds up her hand and releases a bolt of lightning that arcs through the Keepers damaging us all. Blows are traded from one group to the other until we are worn down. Ten men rush from behind the tapestries surrounding us. I realize that something must be done. I reach for my necklace and hold it high. “A sea of damned, swell from the hells, breach unto this world. Cleanse with the power of Talos. Crash unto my enemies!“ The acolytes all fall to the floor lifeless and cleansed. The Queen looks down on us unhappy. She chants under her breath and a mist begins to fill the air. My lungs begin to burn and I keel over gasping for breath. My allies all fall around me and then… darkness.
Kline is the last one standing. He looks around and bows his head. He extends his wing it shimmers with radiant energy. Clasping Wolfbane he brings his sword up from the floor continuing past a normal stance he places the blade at the base of his wing. With a quick slice forward blood runs down the sword as he brings it back to a normal stance. His wing begins to slowly fall to the floor growing ever brighter with radiant energy until it fills the room. The light begins to fade out and the wing has vanished. 
Light shines through my eyelids awakening me. I feel mighty and restored. The rest of the Keepers awake restored to their full might ready to defend their realm. Rushing forwards they all unleash on the queen in one last attack. Kline attacks last delivering the final blow. 
A hand reaches down to me and I begin to fly towards the alcove where the spiral horn rests behind the throne. With no control of my own body I smash right into it shattering it from existence. Looking back at the battle a large genie appears behind everyone. He looks to a space within the room that is devoid of any enemies or allies. A raging air elemental appears revealing what has been attacking us throughout the battle. We turn, and with the aid of the genie, finish off the Queen’s right hand man and the elemental. The air elemental vanishes and the Queen’s right hand man falls to the floor. The room fills with blue and white. Clouds form all around us and the floor and walls vanish to an endless sky. We are no longer in the temple in which we had just been fighting in. The genie fades into existence before us and thanks us for helping him. He hands each of us a vial for each of us. After we receive his gift he fades once more. The vast expansive sky begins to darken. Walls and a floor forms around us as the clouds fade from our view. We are back. The throne room. I think to myself. I head up to where the Queen had fallen on the throne. I find some jewelry and a weapon. Quickly, I pocket the jewelry and begin to investigate the weapon I picked up. A Spear, the weapon of Talos. I can feel there is something special about it it holds power. He has graced me with this weapon. I am meant to have it. I descend from the throne and follow the Keepers out of the room as holding our heads high, victorious. 
Rinn reminds us of the shimmer she saw within the water and what the slaves had said in the room with the wheels. Setting up a relay of information from the moat to the room we eventually drop the water out of the moat to reveal the bottom of the moat. Bones and dead bodies are scattered on the water slogged floor as we descend to where we saw the shimmer. Gold and silver items are piled on the floor. We pick them up and head to the exit. 

Walking out of the temple Kline speaks with the men and tells them to head inside to acquire Alatar’s body to bring it back to the city and to station men at the dark room with the hole. The wind has picked up quite a bit since entering the Temple. I think as we walk towards the gryphons that await us as we exit. I hear a THUD and turn to see Kline carrying Rinn towards us. She must have passed out again. At least she doesn't do it at critical moments. Kline takes her to the gryphons and secures her for the trip. I stop for a moment as we are walking to leave and turn to look at the troops. There is one more thing I must do before we leave here. I walk up to the captain of the troops and say. “Oye Captain”. “Yes” he responds. “Quite a fight we had in there. You know what carried me through that?” I ask. “What?” he inquires. “This.” I point at the unicorn on my shoulder. “This armor here. It’s the best in the land.” “What brand is that?” The Capain asks. “Gilmores.” I respond.


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