Mercenary Captain




Chalaska is the Senior Sword, master of the inn’s forty guards (known as Swords). Chalaska runs the community, but she knows Nalaskur is her counterbalance, and he has orders to spy on her, as she does him. Chalaska doesn’t like Nalaskur and would enjoy seeing him permanently removed. The Zhentarim could promptly replace Nalaskur, but such a replacement wouldn’t know the inn’s functions were rearranged to Chalaska’s benefit.

This situation leaves Thaelond unwilling to appoint Muruin as his temporary replacement while he travels to Waterdeep. Instead, he prefers to frustrate her and have an easy scapegoat for anything that goes wrong.

After the events at Bargewright Inn Chalaska found herself in debt to the Keepers and most of all Rinnaeri “Rinn” Caspel. When the keepers found themselves continuing their journey and leaving the Bargewright, Chalaska made certain that her alliance with Rinn would be cemented by giving her a lapel pin with the mark of The Swords, an elite group of mercenaries.


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