Keepers of the Realm

Session 37: Nine Inches, Hot Cocoa, and a Well-Armored Dude

Day 690

It is 3 in the afternoon.  We have just met with Meagan after he gave his wife the holy water that Thirin successfully retrieved from The Vale of the Dancing Waters.  Fortunately, she survived.  The Keepers, minus the ill Traelle, return to Gilmore’s where we greet Sherry.  “We are hungry,” Drak’Thal inelegantly says, “Well, we will be hungry.”  I roll my eyes at this ineptitude and ask Sherry, “do you sell rations?”  She nods her head and we purchase 50. As they are set in front of us, we remember that we are missing Traelle and, more importantly, our bag of holding. Seeing that he is needed, Thirin, his muscles glistening in the light of Gilmore’s emporium, eagerly takes them in his colossal hands and carries them all for us.  Drak’Thal asks for Gilmore but before he can run to him I, noting the lingering stench of death and booze, perfume him so that his man friend might not be displeased.  As Gilmore struts from his office in in his purple suit, he eagerly greets us, “Well, two handsome men, an elf, and this lovely lady.” I note the slight.    “Told you we’d be back,” Drak’Thal says. “What can I do for you?” Gilmore replies. “3 ales?” “Is that all it will take?” At this last question from the merchant, the other Keepers chuckle as Drak’Thal agrees to spend the evening with his beau.    


While Drak’Thal and Gilmore venture to a private balcony at the Whistling Pig, Thirin, Rinn, and I walk to the Lord’s Alliance to retreive our bag of holding and Paladin.  As we walk into her room,  we find a curious site. While the rest of us suffered on the road and Rinn almost died, Traelle has apparently been living the life of queen’s cunt.  When we find her, she is laying on her bed eating chocolates and reading a magazine presumably about the latest Earth, Wind, and Shire gossip.  We even hear rumors that she may no longer be a virgin after forcing other member of the Lord’s Alliance to wipe her filthy ass.    I would have loved to tell my new Harper friends about the extravagance and inequality that these lord’s lackeys celebrate but alas, the I must keep silent for the good of the realm.


The four of us converse.  Traelle is apparently feeling better (who wouldn’t) which I suppose is good. Rinn, smelling the stench on all of us, suggests a bath and perhaps a haircut.  Having nearly perfect hair already, I reject the offer of a cut but agree that a bath sounds useful.  As Rinn and Traelle get a haircut and Thirin gets a massage, I lounge in the public baths.  It is my first time in such an establishment. I’m used to bathing in the lakes and hot springs of Kelvular among the butterflies and songbirds; this was not nearly as pleasant, although I did get a good glimpse of Thirin sitting naked under a waterfall.  Briefly, I considered his attractiveness but then the Goliath spoke. He’d be hot if he wasn’t so fucking retarded. Preferring to bathe in private (I wonder what she is hiding), Rinn never joined us but Thirin, Traelle, her hair now cut to shoulder length, and I had a pleasant conversation about the Paladin’s tummy ache and our trip to the south.  After Thirin informs the Paladin that she should try the specialty drink at the Dusty Wench, we awkwardly stop talking and decide to leave. We find Rinn, whose hair is now trimmed and darker, and decide to part before meeting at the Keep to inform Kline of our return. 


Traelle goes to her shrine to pray and discuss the new shrine of Talos while Rinn and I go to our faction houses. Thirin walks around asking random people about underground fighting rings in the city. He hears about this place called McGregor’s and when the four of us meet at the Keep, we discuss it. Rinn and Traelle inform us that they have been there; it is a place called the Two Shepherds and to get in fighters must tell the proprietor a funny joke. Thirin seems confused about the requirement and keeps loudly asking questions for so long that the guards tell us to move along.  We go inside and go find Kline in his office and learn that he has been checking on Traelle and that Meagan has already told him of our success. I hand him the letters and maps but he knows nothing about them but insists that he will let Adeline know and that we should speak to Meagan and Sven about them. He also reminds us to renegotiate with this Kringle I have heard so much about. Rinn stays in the Keep while the rest of us head to our faction houses for the night. 


[Meanwhile, Drak’Thal and Gilmore head to a round table on private balcony at the Whistling Pig where they can watch the sunset together.  Gilmore reclines his chair on the railing so that he see the people frolicking on the street and, perhaps more importantly, to offer Drak’Thal, a better glimpse of his groin. The two converse about what ails the Halfling.  Drak’Thal admits to killing one of his companions which surprises the merchant. After Gilmore complements his beard, Drak’Thal replies, “Glad to have your products around my waste. It keeps my pants up and my beard long.” At this, Gilmore blushes.  Growing sentimental, Drak’Thal thanks the merchant for helping solve the mystery of his dickishness but Gilmore tells him that it was no big deal and that all he asks in return is that Drak’Thal continues to spread the word of “Gillmore’s Glorious Goods. Opening another store, near you.”  Happy for the success of the Gilmore name, Drak’Thal asks if the merchant plans to open another branch of his store.  Apparently, he had been planning on opening a store in Daggerford but could not because the recent explosion. He then tells the Halfing that he heard from several refugees that an orb exploded in Daggerford and that he has been selling goods to the refugees at cost at the behest of Kline and the King.  Drak’Thal thanks him for taking care of his people and Gilmore orders the two of them four expensive ales.  “To long friendship, Drak’Thal” he says as they raise their mugs to each other.  Noticing that Drak’Thal has to grasp the mug in two hands, the merchant remarks on the small hands.


“Makes the beard look big,” Drak’Thal replies.


“I’m sure it makes everything look big,” Gilmore retorts.  “What troubles you Drak’Thal? I know there must be something on your mind.”


“Just my friends. They don’t trust me anymore. Or I wouldn’t.”


“I believe that your friends care a great deal about you. And they realize now that the actions you have were not your own but the results of the weapon you were carrying.” 


“I don’t want it to happen again.”


“I could teach you something.  We would have to work out some sort of payment for it.”


“I am taken.”


“Drak’Thal I understand this. 1000 gold and I will teach you how to identify attuned items. You will need pearls of rather exquisite value.” He scoots his chair near you and passing on magic is quite a daunting task. We will spend many hours together. Come by Gilmore’s late this evening. I will make sure Sherry sets up a room for you. Drak’Thal agrees and the two drink for the rest of the evening.   


After eight glorious drinks each, the two leave the Whistling Pig together barely able to walk. Gilmore picks the little man and sets him on his shoulders only to discover that the Halfling is not so little.  “You know I once called you impressive but I didn’t know how much until now.”   


“You know the last time I was this drunk,” Drak’Thal slurs to the merchant, I made Traelle kiss me.”


Ever optimistic, Gilmore replies, “Maybe we’ll have a case of deja vu.”


"I don’t think I have that spelled prepared right now."


"I don’t think you need the spell," Gilmore coyly responds . 


The two drunkards arrive at Gilmore’s establishment Gilmore ducks to let them in and carries Drak’Thal to the guest bed.  As they approach the room, he waves his hand and candles light.  He thumps on the bed and lays down with his head still clutched tightgly between Drak’Thal’s knees.  After a while, Drak’Thal addresses the man holding him, “Aye let’s get started.”


“What?” Gilmore asks.


“You want to get started?” Drak’Thal replies.


Doing what? I don’t remember what we are here for?


“Weren’t you going to teach me…teach me. You were going to teach me something.”


“How to Kiss? I remember talking about kissing.”


“No I kissed Traelle. It was magic.”


 “Alright get up.”


As Drak’Thal refuses to get up Gilmore orders him, “Alright take off all your clothes.”


“I don’t think that is how it works.”


As Gilmore starts to undo his robes, Drak’Thal shouts, “NO! Don’t do that. I told you.”


“No this is how it works, I know what I am doing.  It will make it easier for the arm movements. It is somatic. Somatic. Take off your clothes.  Come on let’s do this. You’re still wearing clothes.  Just do it!”


As Drak’Thal continues to refuse, Gilmore tries to reassure him. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen it all before. Not on you somebody else.”


Drak’Thal takes off his shirt and then waves his hands while saying, “I don’t think we need to do this.”   


“You’ll be fine. Just do it. Drop your pants. I will cast it.”


“They’re up.”


“I will cast it? Are they off?” The merchant starts to move his hand and as he does so, Drak’Thal’s pants start to drop. The Halfling tries to pull them back up but either lacks the strength or the will.


Soon Drak’Thal is standing in front of the naked Gilmore with his pants around his ankles.

Gilmore stares at the recently revealed nine-inch rod that lies between Drak’Thal’s legs. The cleric shyly tries to to cover it with his tiny hands but it is too large. “Jesus fucking Christ!” Gilmore exclaims. “How have you not killed her yet? What the fuck is wrong with you?”


“She can take it well. Magic.  Magic. Magic.  Magic.”


“Alright. This is what you are going to need to do. It is all somatic. You have to wiggle your hips first.”  As Drak’Thal starts to rhythmically wiggle his hips at the table in front of him, the merchants says, “ Oh yeah hang on.” Hang on Drak’Thal does as the merchant retrieves a magical staff that he sets on table.   




“I’m trying to remember what school it is.”


“We’re not in school? What the fuck is a school of magic?” Drak’Thal asks. 


You need to start channeling divination. 


“What the fuck is divination?” the Halfling asks while moving his hips but still trying to cover his penis. 


“It is a bard and wizard thing. Hang on,” Gilmore replies as he reaches for his protégé’s shoulder. As he touches, Drak’Thal, he falls asleep starts to snore. He quickly wakes up and says “Divination” and starts to transfer magic from his arm to Drak’Thal’s.   “Alright.  Aye so divination, you channel it. It takes a little time but it is good.” He pulls a pearl out of his bag along with an owl feather.  


“Do I really have to be naked for this?” Drak’Thal asks.


“You have to have freedom of movement. It is why I wear the robes.”


For another 15 minutes, the two stand, rotating their hips as if there is music in the air, and transferring energy before they pass out and fall to the floor. Sometime during the night, the two men find each other and cuddle together for warmth, rotating in unison as if each was perfectly matched to the other.  


Day 691


The next morning, Gilmore wakes up first and discovers that he is naked with his arms wrapped around his naked friend.  He thinks to himself, “Jesus Christ How the fuck is that thing so big?” He gets up, grabs a blanket and puts it over Drak’Thal.  “Hey Hey Wake up.  Wake up.”


Drak’Thal’s eyes open and as his vision adjusts to the room, he sees Gilmore, completely naked, standing over top of him. “Why are we naked? Why am I naked?” Growing increasing frantic, he asks, “Did you do anything last night? Did we do anything last night?”  


“I fucking hope not.”


“All I remember is telling you about the kiss.”


“I don’t think we did anything. By the looks of it, I would be in a lot of pain. Feeling alright?”


“A little hung over.”


Gilmore yells to Sherry to start breakfast. “There is a pearl and an owl feather,” he notes, “we must have started. Let’s teach you how to do this.” For the next hour, he teaches Drak’Thal how to identify magical items.  As Drak’Thal learns the spell, he feels pain but eventually he learns. They go downstairs and have breakfast. Sherry gives them a nasty look.


“Did you make her get naked too?” Drak’Thal asks.  


“I don’t know.  No. No.”


 “What the fuck?”  


“I don’t know. I’m sorry,” the merchant concludes.]


That same morning, Traelle wakes up in the Lord’s Alliance bed she knows very well by this point.  She walks to the Shrine of Tyr and holds mass. The people rejoice and afterwards tell her that they are glad to have her in these dark times when a Talos shrine will be built in the city. The rest of us break fast at our city residences before meeting at the keep.  Traelle, Thirin, and I wait for a while before Kline and Rinn walk out together to join us. Soon, Drak’Thal is there too, looking a little weary, hung over, and moderately concerned. “Where is Evan?” he asks.  “At the all faiths,” Kline replies.  I remind the others that we should to Meagan and Sven about the letters and maps we found at the Temple.   As the rest of us turn to leave, Thirin addresses Kline, “What do you know about McGregor’s?”  Kline gives him some information and turns to affectionally kiss Rinn before returning to work.  


As we walk from Kline’s office, we keep about McGregor’s.  Rinn reminds Thirin,  “You have to tell him a joke. Just one joke. You just need to make him laugh. It is a lot harder than you think. Traelle said the joke last time.”  I ask what joke was but they are unable to recall it.  Once we arrive outside the Keep, Drak’Thal informs the rest of us of some of his adventures the previous night. Gilmore, he says, taught me a spell. To identify items. Magical items.”   We agree that it is a useful skill to have, especially after what happened to our Captain.  As Rinn ventures to her shrine, Drak’Thal walks  into the Lyceum to find Adeline.  While he does so, I make a new friend: a rat named Steve who seems angered that some of the refuges ate his rat friend Billy.  He asks if I have any cheese.  I do not but perhaps one day I will return with enough cheese for all the Billy and Steve rats of the city.


Adeline and Drak’Thal return together and the five of us walk to Gilmore’s. When we enter Sherry sighs.  Drak’Thal gives her the $1000 gold he owes for his evening with Gilmore and we purchase two greater healing and three lesser healing potions as well as additional pearls so that Drak’Thal can use his new spell. I ask about bow and arrows and Thirin buys a bearskin drum. He seems both excited and saddened that he must now spend time beating the skin of creatures that are so dear to him.  At least he knows that the skin is thick and hard to penetrate.


We then meet Rinn and walk to the ship to meet Meagan. His wife is doing better. As we talk, Sven walks up and we hand him the letters and maps.  He reads them and starts laughing hysterically. “This has got to be some kind of a joke. Are these real?” I assure him that they are real. “Well, there is no secret palace behind anything. Behind the Tender Oath. Let me take these to some elders and get back to you.”  


[As Sven walks away, Drak’Thal talks with Meagan in the captain’s quarters. “I owe you my thanks,” he says, “Thank you for going in my stead.” The always happy to please Meagan replies, “ Aye you have always been there for me captain.”  Acknowledging the thanks, Drak’Thal tells his fellow cleric, “Because you have done so much for us. I would like to do something for you. I would like to give you a higher ranking within the church of Talos. Sperad the word.” Beaming, Meagan thanks his captain.  We leave the ship and walk to the All Faiths Shrine so Drak’Thal can converse with Evan.  He meets the priest who is now wearing the eyepatch of Talos and the priest tells him that he would like to give Drak’Thal additional training so that he might become an Orator and reminds him that followers of Talos are not to sway others; they are to provide knowledge and let others choose their own paths. They discuss the location of the new temple of Talos and though disappointed that it will not be placed on top of the former shrine of Tyr, Drak’Thal is content that it will be near the docks where his people reside.  Together the two worshippers of Talor hit the floor. When Drak’Thal’s hammer strikes it, an electrical charge fills the air.]  


We leave the Shrine and walk to the village of Westerhold to meet with Kringle and negotiate a return for our goods.  We arrive and discover that while there is no snow, there is still hot cocoa.  Several creatures that look somewhat like Drak’Thal but perhaps a little smaller, hand us each a mug filled with the delicious drink and marshmallows. Thirin especially seems enthusiastic about the drink.  I too enjoy it and remember the taste for later.   


We mistakenly allow Drak’Thal to negotiate. As the two stand face to face, Kringle adjusts his suspenders wihle listening to the Halfling talk about the changes at Glassmoor.  Drak’Thal fumbles over his words quite a bit and indecisely suggests a price of $3000. Sensing weakness in his opponent, the man known to his friends as Santa, says that he will give us $1000 and quickly ushers us out of his office.  As we turn to leave, Thirin addresses Kringle as the rest of us cringe.  “Can you teach me how to make the cocoa?” Miraculously, Kringle agrees but says it will have to wait for the winter.  At least we got something useful out of these negotiations. As we walk to Glassmoor, I ask Rinn if the negotiations went well. She replies with a very long, “Noooooooooooooo.”


When we arrive at Glassmoor at 6 PM, Adaline tells us that she thinks it is time to go to bed. She walks upstairs and draws a bath. After a few moments of indecision, Drak’Thal follows her up the stairs, willingly takes off his clothes, and climbs in the bath.  As Adelinee caresses his filthy skin with a sponge, he asks her, “Did you bring the leather?” She smiles and replies “Yes. Did you bring the chairs?” “I didn’t bring any extra,” the Halfling admits.  Smiling mischievously, she tells him, “We’ll make do.”  Later that evening they loudly make do.  To hide from the sounds, I walk down to Traelle’s room, knock on the door, and when given leave, enter and cast silence so that the Paladin can fall asleep. Once she does, I stand, return to the living room, and enter my trance.


Day 692


Thirin has had one thing on his mind for the last two days: fighting at McGergor’s.  Though the rest of the Keepers try to talk him into fighting in our pit, he insists on fighting in the city’s pit.  Apparently our potential crowds are not enough for him.  While the Goliah salivates over venturing into a pit once again, the rest of us manage to talk about taking money from the vault for our personal needs. We take 1000 and divide it evenly between the five of us.


As the rest make preparations to leave, I walk up the windows in the library. I ask to see the death of my cousin.  I am stunned when I see the scene unfold in the glass. I see his death underneath the fangs of a monstrous creature while Rinn stabs him.  I see them kill the beast and then linger before trying to heal him. Rinn in particular seems to have been conflicted about trying to save him.  I don’t know if I should ask her about this but it certainly makes me see our earlier conversations in a different light.  Though stunned by the scene of my cousin’s death, I ask to see another: my father’s present location….  


While the rest of us linger downstairs, Drak’Thal and Adelinee return to their bedchamber and stare into the windows because Drak’Thal wants to know what happened to him the night before.  “Be prepared,” he tells her, “because I don’t know what happened.” They watch the whole scene together.   


“What the fuck is this?” Adeline asks him.  


“Did he really have to do that? Did you not see him pull my pants off?


As she watches her half-man nakedly spoon the merchant, she says, “What the hell is this? How drunk were you?


“I don’t remember.”


“Maybe lay off the alcohol a bit.”


“I mean it was free.”


“Is this worth free?    Maybe you should cut back to a half-thal size.”


“Do you think he could take it?”


“I can barely take it and we practice for days.  It still doesn’t go all the way in.”  As she talks, Drak’Thal stares silently at his penis.   


Downstairs, the remaining Keepers listen awkwardly to the conversation occurring above until

Thirin shouts, “I think she is talking about his sword!”


When Drak’Thal and Adeline walk downstairs, the rest of the Keepers clear their throats.  As they leave the estate for McGergor’s, Drak’Thal walks into the center of their growing village of four to five hundred people and begins handing out some of Gilmore’s card before shouting at the crowd to shop at Gilmore’s.  


A few hours later, The Keepers and Adeline open the doors of the Two Shephards and walk to the bar. The dwarf McGergor greets us in the loudest most annoying voice I can image.  Hepours all of us a shot and we all swing them back along with him.  He tells several jokes about snakes and penises before loudly laughing at each of them and pouring us each more shots, five in total. Drak’Thal drinks them all with Adeline standing right beside him.  Encouraged by Rinn, Thirin tells his joke:  “Did you hear about the two drums and the cymbals that fell off a cliff?”  Too excited to wait, he immediately says the punch line: “ba dum tss” along with the requisite hand motions. The rest of us laugh but McGergor is eerily silent.  After what seems like an eternity, he says, “That is not very funny.” To end the awkwardness, Drak’Thal asks the dwarf to tell us a story.  Apparently the dwarf once fucked a goat. I can’t say I’m surprised. 


Unable to enter the fighting pits due to our inability to tell a joke to the satisfaction of a goat-fucker, Thirin is disappointed but most of the rest of us are somewhat annoyed when one of his servers taps us on the shoulder and demands 25 gold for the drinks that we did not order and most of us had not consumed.  Thirin hands his remaining drinks out to the rest of the bar. The rest of us drink ours and miraculously do not get drunk.  The alcohol must have been weak.


Leaving the Two Shepherds, we go to Gilmore’s for the third time and once again Sherry appears annoyed.  Thirin and I purchase clothing for the north and I buy some fire arrows as well. We go to our faction houses and remain in the city until we leave on day 295. It takes 25 days to reach the city. AS we travel it gets so cold that the crew has to remove ice in front of the ship.  Six evil whales attack us but fortunately Adeline is able to kill three of them before the rest of us are even able to fire a shot.  On Day 720 we reach Port DoesnHaveAName and begin the tenday march through the snow to Sacred Stone.  Along the way, Adeline finds us shelter. 


Day 730


Inside the monastery, we meet Fendrick and 10 legionnaires of the Order of the Gauntlet. They salute Drak’Thal. We go down the stairs to a basement filled with deadend passages before heading down another set of stairs that take us to a great cavern that seems to stretch for miles.  I have never been to the Underdark  but if this is even close the environment that Alatar spent his life in, I can imagine him going crazy.  Fortunately, we have Adeline.  As soon as we reach the bottom of the stairs, she stops and draws a rune on the floor and presses it. As soon as she does, the entire cavern glows was a magical light.  As we walk forward, the light moves with us.  We spend several days traveling through the tunnel until we reach a large, fifteen foot tall stone door.  Adeline pulls the Earth Orb out and inserts it into a recess in the door.  Slowly it opens and we can start to see inside.  As the five Keepers step forward, she tells us “I’ll be here if you need anything.”  Drak’Thal tells her that we’ll be back but, as the rest of us enter the door, she pulls her Halfling aside, kisses him on the forehead, and gives him a charm in the shape of her holy symbol.  As she presses it into his hand, she tells him, “Speak to the charm if you need me.”


We enter the Temple and notice that where the Temple of Crushing Waves had long channels of water, this temple has great chasms averaging 100-200 feet deep.  Fortunately, their sides slope but the area remains dangerous.  Unlike in the long tunnel, here there are lights. Rinn goes first while the rest of us follow ten feet behind.  She goes forward 20 feet. Then another 10. Then another 20.  Drak’Thal is growing impatient but soon we come to a bridge without railings over a 50 foot chasm.


Suddenly, Rinn and I see three gargoyles fly down onto the bridge.  Reacting first, I shoot two fire arrows into the chest of one of the beasts. They dig deep into its flesh as the creature howls in pain.  Rinn pulls out her scythes and hits the same beast twice. Our tiny friend rushes us beside the creature and attacks it; then our large friend rushes us and straddles the tiny man before swinging his great axe.  Both prove ineffective.  The creature then reaches down between Thirin’s legs and yanks on our Halfling friend and throws him over the edge of the bridge. He crashes onto piles of orc and dwarf bones.  Meanwhile, a creature has landed behind me.  I pull out my short swords and hit the creature thrice but I can feel the edge of my swords grating against its flesh refusing to dig deep. Strange. The fire arrows had no difficulty penetrating its skin.  Rinn too seems to be having more success with the one immediately in front of her but it is Thirin that takes his great axe and decapitates the creature I had started to kill.


Meanwhile, Traelle and I battle the one that has landed behind the Keepers. Traelle strikes true but the creature grabs me and throws me to the ground. I recover and even though I can barely see the beast,  I manage to strike it with two regular arrows.  I smile sensing that the troubles that plagued me in the Temple of the Crushing Wave have ended.  Rinn kills the other in front of her before blinking back to the final Gargoyle.  Growing increasingly reckless with his swings, Thirin exposes himself to the Gargoyle’s attacks. the creature, mustering all of its strength, kicks our goliath off the edge of the bridge. Caught by surprise, he  falls to the ground , impaled on the bones of orc and dwarves. He does not move.  Drak’Thal runs through the bones and heals him while I continue to shoot at the Gargoyle, hitting with one of my arrows. I curse at my one miss.  Traelle, who has continued to mercilessly slash at the beast with her dragon-bone sword, kills it before I have the chance. 


With the three gargoyles dead, Rinn and Traelle try to think of ways to rescue Thirin, Drak’Thal and I.  Traelle remembers the rope and rod in the bag of holding. She reaches into her bag of and slowly pulls out a rod. They tie the hempen rope to the rod and lower it to the floor.  Drak’Thal and I look at Thirin and tell him to test it out. He tugs on the rope but the rod does not move. He climbs up.  As he reaches the top, I start to climb and so quickly do I ascend that I am up there before Thirin has secured himself on the bridge. Drak’Thal follows and when he reaches the top, checks the bodies but finds nothing.  We quickly run off the bridge onto the landing.  There, we find massive ruined gates. One door lists unevenly on its hinges and the other lies shattered on the ground. On the wall is painted, a pastoral scene of green hills.  We have reached some sort of entrance.


With Rinn in the lead we press on as before, ten feet, then twenty, and ten more.  We walk into a room and find a well-armored dude riding a what looks large a large bulette as well as four hobgoblins. The bulette borrows under the gound with the man still on its back before emerging right next to Rinn.  The wave from its emergence shocks Thirin, Drak’Thal, Rinn, and I.  The thief and I manage to stay on our feet but Thirin and Drak’Thal are knocked to the floor. Not yet recovered from his earlier fall, Thirin falls unconscious. Rinn pulls out her schythes and attacks the well-armored man.  I pull out my bow and do the same. Both of us are largely unsuccessful.  A hobgoblin rushes towards Thirin and I and attacks the goliath while he lies unconscious.  Fortunately, Drak’Thal quickly heals all of us before unleashing his fiends on our enemies.  Still hot from the battle against the gargoyles, Traelle pulls out her dragon-sword and slashes the hobgoblin in front of her in half before she is bitten by the bulette.  As the rider keeps hitting Rinn, she switches to attacking its stead where her blades find better purchase. She hits the beast so hard that its jaw shatters, leaving it unable to bite anymore of us. 


With the hobgoblin in front of me, I set my bow aside and pull out my shortswords and quickly run the creature through before moving to the corner to get a better view of the room.  Rejuvenated by Drak’Thal's spell, Thirin rushes to the bulette and attacks the man on top while Drak’Thal rushes to the side of the room and starts to shoot lightning at the man on the bulette.  For what seems like an eternity, we fight the man.  As Traelle swings her sword, Thirin brandishes his axe, and Drak’Thal shoots lighting, I step forward, notch an arrow on my bow, and shoot the man straight through the head.  He sinks to the side of still living bulette, his body held on only by the stirrup. Rinn, who has remained focused on the bulette since nearly the beginning on the fight, finally slays it but not before the creature bitch slaps our Paladin with its feet.  As Rinn kills the beast, I load two arrows onto my bow and loose them at the final standing hobgoblin. Both sink deep into his chest, killing him instantly.  Our enemies dispatched, Rinn and I search the bodies and find 200 gold.  We decide to keep it for ourselves.


Dungeon Kill Count:

Elurin 3

Rinn: 2

Drak’Thal: 1

Dusty Wench: 2

Thirin: 1


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