Keepers of the Realm

Session 39

-Continue through the temple, Rinn discovers a room with a pool in it

-Rinn listens to the doors in the room: she hears an argument past the south door, nothing on the western door 

-Rinn opens a door and finds a torture room, with prisoners in cages and a rack in the center of the room

-Turami humans/cultists are in the room, Elurin runs in and oneshots a cultist

-little black dood nopes the fuck out into a wall

-group kills the remaining baddies

-little black dood jumps out of the wall an rekts with AoE attack, causes rough terrain

-everyone attacking, Elurin goes down, all hitting the LBD, Thirin gets the kill

-Rinn finds a key and gold

-group spends 1/2 of a metric eternity talking to the captives in the cells

-Wulgreta warns us about Orna, Droth is a puddle of PTSD, Traelle doesn't trust them but wants to help the injured/innocent

-Thirin pops the lever

-Orna joins the party (loud bitch)

-Lead the prisoners to the entrance

-Orna draws out a map (helpful bitch)

-Orna leads the group in the murder of a 2 headed ettin

-Head to the northwest, Rinn almost gets murdered by a stone statue, Orna steps in and says that we're with the Black Earth Cult (lying bitch)

-Keepers rekt a group in the kitchen (skipping the encounter for -12 HP)

-find 2 dudes

-Thirin smacks the fuck out of a dude in plate with Great Weapon Mastery 

-Orna drops Traelle (wtf, bitch) and every decides to sleep instead of protesting (k)

-somehow make it through the night

-Rinn finds a woman in robes, 4 cultists, and "something" shackled.



Ventrue_ Heff

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