Keepers of the Realm

Session 39: Too Many Cooks...

The Keepers continue to trace their way through the Cult of Black Earth temple, Rinn discovers a room with a pool in it. She stands near the doors on the surrounding walls, hearing an argument through the south door and hearing nothing through the western door. Rinn opens the western door to reveal a torture room, lined with cages, a rack, and all manner of instruments of pain. Turami humans, dressed in cultist robes, seem to be busy with their prisoners within the room.


The Keepers move into the room, and Elurin destroys a cultist with a single arrow. A small black man glances to each member of the Keepers, dashes towards the wall, and disappears as if the stones opened to consume him. The Keepers work together to destroy the remaining cultists, and the small man jumps back out and begins to level the floor with earthen magic. As the group assail the small black man with attacks, Elurin drops to the ground and Thirin strikes the killing blow to the enemy. 


As Elurin is tended to, Rinn searches the room and finds gold and a key. Looking to the cages, Drak'Thal speaks with the prisoners in hopes of finding aid and information. After a drawn out conversation with the prisoners and the rest of the Keepers, Thirin moves to pull the lever and releases the prisoners. Orna, the boisterous abrasive human, joins the Keepers despite the warnings of Wulgreta, the female dwarf prisoner. Droth, a mumbling human in shock, is assisted back to the temple entrance with the remaining half-elf  prisoner. With the half-elf, dwarf, and human prisoners released. the Keepers and Orna prepare to make their way back through the temple. Orna draws a crude map  and explains the rooms and passages that she has knowledge of.


Rinn leads the group back to the room with the pool and makes her way to the southern door. After opening it, she finds a room being used as a kitchen. Within the room, a two headed ettin stands before a simmering pot. Orna points to a pile of gold, expressing her interest in the loot, and leads the Keepers in an attack against the ettin. With the ettin attacked from all sides by the group of six, it dies without protest or retaliation.


With the kitchen fully looted, Rinn leads the group back through the temple and finds a stone statue in a northwestern room. Despite appearing to be solid stone, the statue turns and addresses the group. Orna pushes past the group, yelling to the statue that they are members of the Black Earth Cult. The statue, convinced of the human's lie, turns away from the Keepers and faces the entryway at the far end of the room. 


As they move south, the Keepers find another kitchen and continue their slaughter of chefs. 

In the following room, the Keepers encounter two enemies in plate armor. As the group trades blows, Thirin demonstrates his mastery of his great axe as he lands a devastating blow to one of the men. With the enemies slain, the Keepers decide to rest within the room. As if still stewing over some perceived slight, Orna swings out and attacks Traelle, dropping the paladin to an unconscious sleep. The remaining Keepers take no interest in the attack and prepare for bed as the paladin drools in her sudden sleep. The group makes it through the night without incident and rise to continue through the dungeon.  


Ventrue_ Heff

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