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    There won’t be any rp cause obviously you guys can’t do anything, however, I thought it would be interesting to present the following… It would be good for your character development, AND for us all out of character to see how you embrace your character. This is not mandatory at all but I certainly hope everyone would like to participate. I’d assume the posts would be lengthier… So here it goes. 

    So after everything you’ve encountered up to this point, and entering the SSM, after having dealt with such brutal combat at the start of the dungeon… I’m assuming most of them if not all are thinking about the difficulties they have encountered. I’d like to see an inner monologue of characters thoughts at that moment, after the fight, maybe thinking about everything since day 1, to now. or whatever you want to put, maybe recent revelations you all came to embrace, people you wish were around, things you wish you did, etc. Enjoy this if you choose to do it.


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    Just to add one more thing, I’d hope that you guys don’t meta this, and dont let the responses of other effect the way you yourself post. Remember these are INTERNAL monologues, and should help flesh things out for you in case you wanna do some future creative writing be it here or elsewhere.


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    That was unexpected, we shouldn’t have fallen into the room like that but it’s done now.
    Even at the very beginning of all of it, there we were. Falling into it. Plucked out of our factions, sent off to do a job. A duty for some, a pain for others. The Keepers were a roll of the dice…. But it hadn’t been all stumbling. We got this far beside each other, despite each other.

    I didn’t trust them at first. They were all too different, I could not see how any of this would be able to work. Competing devotions between the paladin and Drakthal. Thorun’s need to be among the lowly. The brief appearences of anguish on Alatar’s face. All of us were running from some past that must be avenged. Perhaps we still are….

    She smiles to herself as she remembers the small bits of good that have been scattered through this journey. From place to place, there have been bright spots of trust growing. Ale shared, foes defeated. Long treks through canyons, creeks, and the sea.

    We’ve grown very much together over the past weeks. That is what will get us through this forsaken place, just as it took us through the previous cursed keeps.

    But there was also darkness.

    I cannot ignore the times where my friends have nearly fallen. The pain I felt from the shadowthorns, and the blood that is left on the floor after a fight.

    There was always a lot of blood. I learned that a long time ago. These hands have carried a blade longer than some of my companions have been on this earth. Some of us treated it like sport. Taking someone to the ground, never to wake again. You can see their pride drain away as their spirit leaves.

    She wipes her new dagger off and holds it up to see the black eyes looking back in its shine.
    Will this be enough? If we fail, I trust that more will be lost than this kingdom. More than the people who live here. Can I survive it? Will I want to? What is this purpose the goddess has for me?

    Attachment is a funny thing. It creates strength between allies, yet exposes our hearts to our enemies. Take them away, and it might burst….
    I came to this place because of duty, I stay out of loyalty. We can’t fail. We won’t.

    She sees the bruised face of Traelle, Thorun’s hardened fists. The elf and the dwarf resting a moment. Her own armor is covered in blood from the monk she had killed just a minute ago.

    I very much like these people. I didn’t expect to call them friends.
    She takes out her feather and twirls it in her fingers…. I didn’t expect a lot of things.


  • efoley000


     <time datetime=“2017-01-29T15:11:13-08:00”>January 29, 2017</time>

    As I channel the will of Talos into worlds of healing towards my allies our enemies fall around us. A brutal fight comes to an end and we sit around the room filled with blood of our enemies and our own I think to myself. 

    I never would have thought I would be in the situation I am in. This mission I am now on now with this group. The revenge I seek against that clan in the hills pales in comparison to what we attempt to do now. However, I must not forget them. What they did to my brethren cannot be forgotten. I must remember this is why I seek power. Why I follow Talos. Why I have given up my own life. It is all for them. This quest will give us the power we need to defeat them.

    We were a proud warrior clan. We were the strongest of them all. The hills were our own. Until they came. My clan… My family… My wife…. My Son. All are gone now and nothing is left. Even myself. I am a shell of my former self. Turned to an outlaw to survive. Turned to the god of lightning and destruction to gain the power I seek. I am no longer my old self no longer worthy. I have changed and though I am the only one left of my clan I am no longer part of it. It is dead.

    This group I now follow has become my new family. They have replaced my old crew just as my old crew has replaced my clan. Even though they seem to distrust me at times they will always need me as I need them. Rinn and Alatar I trust the most at the moment. The monk and paladin seem to not like me as much but will always come to my aid due to the circumstances. All of them seem to not approve of the god Talos when they know nothing of it. They judge me and him too quickly. Even though I have shown them what his powers can do. It has saved their lives many times and they still do not approve. Even when I stopped providing them with the powers of Talos they promptly attempted to make amends with me to gain those powers back. Perhaps I should revoke them once again to make them realize that they are in the wrong to judge people so quick.

    Traelle is particularly interesting to me. She seeks to kill those who killed her own family just as I do. I can sense the tension within her building as we continue on our journey. She has turned to the light but that will not give her what she wants; what her people deserve. The hatred within her exists I have seen it myself. She will be useful to me in the future to ascend together to the pinnacle of human reach and perhaps beyond. Perhaps finally seeing the ones who destroyed her family and home will she turn her gaze away from the light. Or perhaps she needs to be shown the power she could have. Perhaps falling in battle to the ones responsible will finally show her that she cannot defeat them with the weakness of light.


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