Glassmoor Keep

Volo, who visited the estate soon

after it was built, wrote in a letter to

a friend:


“Only one, southern, road leads there, but the journey among green hills is a pleasant one. Herds of sheep graze on the slopes and more than once my ears caught a beautiful, haunting tune played by the shepherds. Once the road reaches a small lake (and every local has their own legend about its origins), it climbs uphill and the traveler is treated to a magnificent vista.


Emerald green fields contrast sharply with the dark line of a forest to the north, but are beautifully complemented by the blue skies above. I can easily imagine the changes in the view as the seasons come and go, the forest’s lush greens transforming into a cascade of autumn colors, to the black line set against snow and overcast sky, to finally become the tentative, fresh green of spring again.


Once you start admiring the view your eyes eventually set upon the manor house. Perhaps understanding the natural beauty of the area, the builders decided to erect a simple form: a square, three-floor building with a mansard roof and a small tower to the side. From the proper perspective, the distant forest seems to explode from the tower’s tip!


The Manor’s famous architectural detail also immediately called my attention: the magic windows that, as I indeed learned not long after, show a delayed view of the outside. And although a number of sources mention this phenomenon, none state that from the outside the windows always look like light blue panes of glass, as if a child drew them with colored pencils.


As I approached the building along the curving road, the various outbuildings – until then cleverly hidden behind the manor – came into view. When I visited, only a stable and servants’ house had been constructed, but there were plans for other extensions.”


The Manor’s walls are made from sandstone brick with stone accents in the corners and along the foundations. Two walls are entirely covered with various species of vines, whose

leaves in autumn turn into a rainbow of colors.


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This is the new residence of The Keepers of the Realm as built by Kline after the group's journey to the North. Each room was designed specifically for its occupants, and additions would be made to the land by the Keepers themselves. A keep built on land that was perfect to begin a new hamlet and raise a much needed income to provide for the group by trading with the nearby town of Westerhold run by governor Kris Kringle .


A1 The Common Room: This spacious room is comfortably furnished with a rainbow of colors harmoniously splashed throughout, the colors centering on an altar to all faiths, which is nestled in the corner. A long oak table with seating for 10 fills the center of the room, a harrow deck arrayed for a reading. A softly glowing glaive rests in a case mounted above the fireplace. Behind the front counter is a door with a heavy lock. A stairway ascends to the second floor, garden doors open to the north, glass double doors to the south, and a single door to the east labeled “Art.”


A2 The Art Room: Surrealist landscape paintings cover the bedroom walls. Many small sculptures and an easel adorn the room. Tucked in the corner sits a pottery wheel and rolls of blank canvas. The bed is simple, with a multi-colored patchwork quilt and goose-down pillows. Glass double doors with lacey curtains open to the west, while a sturdy oak door stands to the south. Though this room was initially intended for Thorunn, since her departure from the group, Traelle now occupies this room.


A3 The Back Room: Cluttered shelves filled with cleaning supplies line the walls of this windowless room.  Three doors and a hatch exit this room. The north doors lead to the kitchen (A5) and a pantry with a dumb waiter, while the eastern door leads into the common room. The very strong wooden hatch leads down into the basement.


A4 The Kitchen: Two large wood-burning stoves occupy most of the northern wall, while a large prep-table fills the center of the kitchen. Doors to the south lead to the back room (A4) and food pantry. The western door acts as a back door for servants.


A5 The Stables: These stables contain spaces for two large animals and a magnificent carriage. Large double doors open to the east directly onto the road, while a sturdy oak door opens to the south, leading to the garden path.


A6 The Garden: Filled with statues and topiaries, this garden contains several colors of roses. A squat gazebo sits in a clearing about 60 feet to the north.


B1 The Love Room: Draped from floor to ceiling in crimson velvet, this room is the definition of extravagance. A large canopy bed sits against the western wall, complete with muslin curtains. Half-melted candles cover the room’s many shelves and desk. A huge fireplace with an iron gate fills the northeastern corner. Soft red carpets cover the polished wooden floor. A single oak door opens to the east at the southern end of the room.  Initially under the impression that Drak'thal and Traelle were a couple, Kline built this room for the pair. Traelle has since moved out and into Thorunn's former room.


B2 The Music Room: A variety of musical instruments hang on the walls as decorations of this bedroom. Music notes, painted in a grand mural, swirl around the room. Two music stands, facing to look out the western window, hold sheet music for a romantic duet. A single strong wooden door opens to the south next to a quaint fireplace in the southwestern corner. This room was built for Alatar.


C The Suite: Sitting atop the keep, this bedroom has wall to wall windows which offer a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. A round bed sits in the center of the room, while sparse furniture fills the small portions of walls without windows. To the south, glass double doors open to a wide covered balcony, while a spiral staircase in the northwest corner of the room leads down to the second story. This room was specifically built for Rinn in mind, and though Kline spent several labored days on the other rooms for the other members of the Keepers, it is clear that he placed part of himself in this room in particular.


D The Basement: A dumb waiter door has been worked into the hewn stone wall, and stairs lead up to a trapdoor.

The Keepers are also able to make upgrades to the Keep:


Our land is fertile and it can be improved – we can expand and create larger fields, they can be used for grazing and crops, we can invest in a mining operation, and we can modernize the infrastructure [2500g/improvement (5 max); yield an additional 500g/month;].


Currently the Keepers have invested in a mining operation.

We can offer protection to all, ourselves and those who come to settle on our land.


Fortifications – perhaps a stone wall or a watch tower, so we will never be surprised by our foes [5000g].


A vault – for our treasures and our gold, which we can upgrade with additional traps and locks [5000g/improvement; options: 1 deadly trap, 2 dangerous traps; 3 obstacle traps].


Barracks – we could use the fighters to patrol our lands, roads, etc. [5000g].

The garden, though beautiful already, can be built upon with a gazebo, fountains, benches, and more flowers [3000g with the potential to make 2HP per short rest if we spend a month at Glassmoor].

We can obtain servants and/or specialized servants to maintain the upkeep of Glassmoor and add a new level of comfort at the manor [200g/month or 3000g (build them homes) for basic staff; 450g/month or 9000g for specialized staff; 1000g/month or 20000g for very specific specializations (masseuse, dancers, etc.) – as yields 1 inspiration die (3 max)].

Roads – for the improvement of travel time and trade [2000g; yield an additional 100g/month for trade; cuts commute in half].


This improvement is currently underweigh.

Upgrade Glassmoor’s furnishings – softer beds, washrooms, etc. [upgrade tiers: 4000g, yields 5HP for the duration of next journey; 10000g, yields 10HP; 15000g, yields 15HP – if we spend a month at Glassmoor].

Build a shrine [10000g; yields 1 extra prepared spell for paladins, rangers, druids, and clerics].

The basement – four options for improvement: (1) laboratory [5000g; yields 1 quality common potion per week]; (2) hospital [2500g; yields 1 auto success for death saving rolls]; (3) training course [1500g; yields speed increase by 5 after a few hours a month]; (4) library [10000g; yields knowledge, and 1 additional prepared spell].



Glassmoor Keep

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