The Feathergale Society

The Feathergale Society is an elite group of Minnarhian aerial-mount enthusiasts with pretensions of nobility. They call themsleves Feathergale Knights and are seated in Feathergale Spire, a keep standing in the Sighing Valley. Among their airborn mounts are hippogriffs and some local giant vultures the knights tamed.


The commander of the Feathergale Knights is Thurl Merlosska, a well-built male human in his early fifties. He’s known for his armor bearing embossed feather patterns and ornaments, and his kingly cloak boasting a feathered mantle.


A promising member of the Feathergale Knights, Savra Belabranta is an attractive young human noblewoman from Minnarhia, who joined up with the Society.


A small number of monks or acolytes wearing feathered robes also live in Feathergale Spire with the knights, taking care of more mundane tasks like cooking, cleaning or gardening as Feathergale Initiates.


The Feathergale Society

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